When I saw Etsy editors recommending mood-boosting jewelry for this time of year, I was in.

Let’s just say, I’ve felt like Cinderella lately . . . pre-fairy-Godmother. I’m constantly cleaning up after my kids because it’s too cold for them to play outside, grappling with darkness at 4 PM, reading so many difficult headlines in the news each day, and forget the idea of getting into anything remotely resembling a ballgown.

I think we can all use a little pick-me-up when we’re slogging through the hard days of motherhood, especially in the winter, which is why I’m eyeing all this affordable and pretty handcrafted jewelry.

And PS gentlemen: Valentine’s Day is coming up.

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Mood-boosting jewelry: Stackable rings at Caitlyn Minimalist

These stackable inspiration rings from Caitlyn Minimalist are a great way to remind yourself to focus on what matters to you. You can choose from several messages, or customize it with your own favorite inspirational word. Maybe your “word of the year,” for those of you who choose one as your New Year’s resolution?

Mood-boosting jewelry: ABLE ring at FashionABLE

My accessories from FashionABLE always put me in a happier mood, not only because they’re gorgeously handcrafted with amazing attention to detail, but because I know that wearing the handiwork of a woman in a developing country helps her support herself. This ABLE ring not only reminds me that I can do the things I set my mind to, but that a woman I’ve never met, halfway around the world, is setting her mind to succeed too. And that always puts me in a better mood.

Mood-boosting jewelry: Mountains are calling by Live Inspired Designs

If nature is where you find your calm, then this hand-stamped cuff at Live Inspired Design is the mood-boosting jewelry for you. I love the phrase, “The mountains are calling and I must go” on the inside. Pair it with a trip to a national park soon, to really recharge and lift your spirit.

Mood boosting jewelry: She Persisted at Nikki and Nibby

This is the year of the woman (as they all should be), and there’s hardly a woman among us who hasn’t related to the the phrase used to scold Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor. It’s the perfect motivational sentiment to remind us all not to give up fighting for what we believe in, whatever it may be. So I love seeing “nevertheless she persisted” engraved on a trio of stackable bracelets from Nikki and Nibby; and check out their shop because they have so many other great ones too.

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Mood boosting jewelry: YAY at MeriMeri

If you just need a little reminder to think positive and celebrate small wins, this cute acrylic necklace at MeriMeri may do the trick. Plus, the color alone makes it a piece of mood-boosting jewelry I could wear any day at all.


Mood-boosting jewelry: Zodiac bracelets at Laalee

I’m not much of an astrology buff, but I still find so much inspiration in the beauty and vastness of the night sky. So I’d say these dainty zodiac bracelets at Laalee can fit the role as subtle, delicate mood-boosting jewelry, whether you’re the type to check your daily horoscope or not.

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Mood-boosting jewelry: Move Mountains wrap at The Traveling Penny

If you have a goal that seems out of reach, this move mountains leather wrap bracelet by The Traveling Penny might give you a little nudge to go after it, no matter the obstacles. I wore something similar when we were trying to complete our adoption, and it gave me hope on days that felt really impossible.

Mood-boosting jewelry: Wake Up cuffs at Nikki and Nibby

I mean, do I really need to say anything more about these awesome Wake Up – Kick Ass – Repeat cuffs at Nikki and Nibby? Go get ’em, mama.