We can’t believe it’s Valentine’s Day gift time already! And our readers know that we always have an extra big heart (ha) when it comes to sharing handmade gifts from makers, or gifts that support indie shops and businesses.

With that in mind, we hope you’ll check out our sponsor Bonanza, who’s back (yay Bonanza!) in time for that Valentine’s gift shopping.

Bonanza is basically like eBay or Amazon marketplace, only it was created entirely for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. There are more than 40,000 shops, like the ones we’ve chosen to feature here, which offer lots of cool gifts, unique jewelry and other fun goodies at really nice prices.

Plus you’re truly supporting small businesses when you shop here. Because on Bonanza, sellers get to keep more of their money, and they don’t pay listing fees like they do on other similar sites. Cheers to that.

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Vintage Victorian Heart Locket

Vintage Victorian Heart Locket  $235 Vintage Sparkles Estate and Costume Jewelry

If you’re shopping for someone whose heart is in the past, this Bonanza shop has so many remarkable vintage jewelry finds from estate sales. I happen to love this 12k yellow gold-filled heart locket, which is beautifully engraved on both sides, and has room for two tiny images inside.

Creative Valentine's gift ideas: Valentine's Heart Chocolate-Dipped Oreos from Philadelphia Candies
Dark Chocolate Oreo Valentine’s Gift Box $14.80, Philadelphia Candies

I discovered this shop over the holidays when I was searching for cool stocking stuffers for kids on Bonanza, and I’m so happy to find them again! This adorable Valentine’s Day gift comes from a cool little Philly-based chocolatier and uh, I’d be happy to receive a bundle of boxes..

Creative Valentine's gifts that support indie shops: Sex on a Boat handmade candle from Lake Erie Candle Co

Sex on the Boat Handmade Candle $12.99, Lake Erie Candle

Want to get a little edgy? If you’ve got some maritime memories you want to reenact, check out this candle! I’m laughing so hard — it’s evidently designed to transport you (aromatically) back to some adults-only activities on a boat. Maybe it should come with a coupon for an actual encounter on an actual boat?

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: This shop has an amazing collection of vintage valentines that would look great framed, or on the cover of a scrapbook or photo album

Vintage Valentines Cards  $4.74 and up, Nosey Parker’s Postcards

This fun shop has a wonderful collection of turn-of-the-century vintage valentines, which I’ve always had a heart for. (Ha.) They’re so cool framed, or if you’re crafty, use them to create a cover of a scrapbook or photo album filled with images of your love.

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Sailor Moon kawaii heart bracelet

Sailor Moon Kawaii Red Heart Bracelet $42, Gatumi

If you’re shopping for a tween, a teen, or a sweetheart who’s more kawaii than 14-karat, this shop is packed with fun goodies that would make really fun, affordable, creative Valentine’s Day gifts. I think it might be tight to order one in time for Valentine’s Day (check with the seller) but I would totally take a rain check. I love this artist’s work so much!

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Fiery Flavor Spices and a date for a steamy kitchen encounterFiery Flavors Gourmet Seasoning Collection $24.99, Gustus Vitae

Spicy foods are widely recognized as aphrodisiacs, making this affordable trio of gourmet spices a very cool, affordable Valentine’s Day gift — especially if you pair it with an IOU for a steamy kitchen encounter. Rowr.


Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: His and hers rings engraved with the Elvish "Where you go, I go too" is such a cool Valentines gift for geeks!Personalized Elvish Ring Set  $69.98, Gemini Jewelry

If you’re in love with a fellow Tolkien geek, how wonderful are these personalized Elvish font rings? This set is engraved with Where You Go, I Go but you can choose your own saying. English available too, by the way.

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Kama Sutra Spa Gift Basket with an IOU for a night to put it all to good useKama Sutra Spa Gift Basket  $85.99 Sensual Basket gifts

A gift basket with the promise of many, many massages? Yes, please. Lots of gift baskets from this small business make for creative Valentine’s gift ideas — some uh, a little more R-rated than others.

Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Love you to the Moon and Back iPhone CaseLove You to the Moon and Back iPhone or Galaxy Case $21.95, Happy Home Shop

Need to get the attention of a sweetheart who has trouble putting down their phone? For a creative Valentine’s Day gift, try covering it in this — and texting a few sexy emoji messages that they have to translate to get the rest of their gift.

Creative Valentine's gifts that support indie shops: this shop sells all kinds of heart candy by the pound

Heart Candy by the Pound varies, Bayside Candies

From triple-layered fruity heart gummies to classic conversation hearts and foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts, this shop has tons of candy available by the pound. Grab a clean vase, a mason jar, or a mug and fill it with your love’s favorites.


Creative Valentine's gift ideas supporting indie shops: Joy & Love organic herbal tonic gift set is formulated to help you up your energy, stamina, and libido

Joy & Love Tonic Gift Set $42.08, Our Greenhouse

Our Greenhouse is a small indie shop we’ve supported for years and we love finding them on Bonanza too! They’ve got tons of organic, natural and safe gifts for babies and adults, but for a creative Valentine’s gift for adults (ahem), I sparked to this Urban Moonshine Organic Tonic gift set that contains one herbal tonic to reduce stress, uplift your spirit and increase creativity; the other to boost libido and increase circulation in a…targeted way. Hubba hubba.


Hilarious Valentine for a cynical friend (or lover): Hate tattoo bird necklace in sterlingHate Birds Tattoo Necklace  $240 Black Orchid Couture

If you’ve got a cynical valentine to shop for — platonic or romantic — this swallow tattoo necklace totally cracks me up. You have to check out this awesome shop, filled with tons of edgy options for a less traditional jewelry fan.

Thank you so much to our sponsor Bonanza for offering up so many great Valentine’s gift ideas all on one site, and for policies that really helps the small businesses we love.