Essential oils are everywhere, if you haven’t noticed, and they’re not going away anytime soon. At least if my Facebook feed is any indication. So why wouldn’t essential oil jewelry be A Thing right now?

I’m a big fan of peppermint oil to cure headaches along with a little lavender oil on my kids’ wrists at bedtime. So when my coffee wears off and the afternoon brain-fog hits, I can see how breathing a refreshing lemon and tangerine oil mix from a necklace, earrings or bracelet could be just what I need. So I looked around for the most beautiful essential oil jewelry I could find, that doesn’t look like a diffuser you picked up some patchouli festival.

Just remember to read the instructions, and test oils before you use them to be sure they’re not irritating (some can be potent!)  — the bottom of your feet is a good spot. You can always dillute highly concentrated oils with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, or just olive oil.

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Essential Oil Jewelry: Teardrop Lariat at Lava Love Jewelry

This teardrop lariat essential oil necklace from Lava Love Jewelry is perfectly minimalist, with clean geometric lines and a generous size lava stone to really absorb–and diffuse–a lot of essential oil.

Essential Oil Jewelry: Herringbone Necklace at Lava Collection

For a statement piece that makes you look as great as you feel this lava bead essential oil necklace on a herringbone chain from The Lava Collection is calling my name. And with three smaller stones on both sides, there’s still plenty of surface to diffuse your preferred essential oil.

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Essential Oil Jewelry: Hoop earrings at Quinn Sharp

You’d never knew these gold hoop essential oil earrings at Quinn Sharp were essential oil diffusers. So on trend with  all the pretty, mismatched dangly bits. And I love that they hang right near your pressure points so you can really get the most impact from your essential oils.

Essential Oil Jewelry: Howlite necklace at AuraStrands

I bought this howlite and lava essential oil necklace from AuraStrands, and I’m in love. The stone is heavy and sturdy, and I could smell my favorite essential oil mix all day long. Heaven.

Essential oil jewelry: Lava bracelets at Finding Grace Designs

Compared with earrings or necklaces, it’s harder to catch an essential oil’s scent with an essential oil bracelet — though that may be a good thing, if you want something more subtle or you’re sensitive to fragrance. If you’re thinking bracelets, I love the style of this minimalist lava and gold essential oil bracelet at Finding Grace Designs on Etsy so much, you’d probably find lifting my wrist up to my nose throughout the day. At this price, get two! They look fantastic layered.