We’re all huge fans of RJ Palacio’s Wonder and the 2017 Wonder movie that the book inspired. Fans as in, we all sobbed into our popcorn bowls and loved every minute.  So I was psyched to discover these free printable Wonder-themed activity sheets (PDF) that bring the themes of the book to life, helping kids cultivate kindness and self-confidence through fun exercises.

Because more kindness, please.

The free printables include a wordsearch, drawing exercises, and writing prompts, including a letter that kids can write to invite Auggie himself to join them in an after-school activity.

What would they like to do with him? And would it require an astronaut helmet or no?

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Free printable Wonder activity sheets that include writing and drawing prompts like this one

I think these printable Wonder activity sheets are perfect to share with your family, a classroom, or even your girl scout or boy scout troop — who have hopefully all read the book and seen the movie. Because if they loved the story as much as I did, they’ll definitely want to spend more time with Auggie.

Download the free printable Wonder activity sheets (PDF) and if you’re super fans, you can rent or purchase the Wonder Movie digitally through our affiliate Amazon, or own the DVD that was released just this week.