We’re big fans of Tattly temporary tattoos, as our readers well know by now, thanks to their cool collaborations with indie artists, and all-ages designs. But their new collection, which are designed to smell great, have really caught our eyes.

And noses.

Created in collaboration with sound therapist, meditation teacher, and artist Sara Auster, Tattly’s new set of Sacred Geometry Scented Tattoos are designed to make you feel as good as you look.

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These tats combine the calming scent of eucalyptus on six sacred geometric shapes, each of which reflect the concept of balance and consciousness found in nature. Think of a snail’s shell spiral or an intricate pinecone. Or the stunning Mandalas created by Buddhist monks.

Besides looking and smelling great, they come with a sound meditation download by Sara Auster, to help you find some peace with some guided meditation.

What a cool gift for a friend (or you!) who can use a little more of that peace right now.

Tattly's new scented sacred geometry tattoos were created in collaboration with Sara Auster and include guided meditation audio sessions

Guided meditation audio session downloads come with the new scent of Tattly Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Even though they are so pretty you’ll be tempted to wear them all at once, I suggest you don’t just rush to apply them. Take the time to experience the calm. When you’re ready to apply your favorite design, just start your sound meditation and follow the instructions, which guide to you see, feel, smell, and hear until you are calm, and of course, beautifully adorned.

Find the Scented Sacred Geometry temporary tattoos at Tattly in collaboration with Sara Auster.