When Dustin wore a retro purple Thunder Lizard dinosaur sweatshirt from the Science Museum of Minnesota in season one of Stranger Things, fans cleaned out the museum’s supply of Dustin’s dinosaur sweatshirts faster than you can say NO BARB, STAY AWAY FROM THE POOL! The brontosaurus design was practically extinct (although it’s available again now in limited quantities) and we’re not surprised — you all went nuts for the Dustin style baseball cap we featured in our holiday gift guide this past year!

But now, the museum announced a collaboration with Target in their new Stranger Things clothing line — and it includes that coveted sweatshirt so there should be plenty to go around.

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Science Museum of Minnesota Brontosaurus Sweatshirt as seen on Dustin from Stranger Things. Here's how to find your own!

Starting next week, Dustin’s dino sweatshirt will be available to every man, woman, and child this side of the Upside Down, in unisex sizes XS to XXL. But you can’t buy one (or 8!) online, sorry — it’ll only be sold at Target stores.

The other items from the Stranger Things clothing line look retro-cool and comfy, too, like their Hawkins tee and Stranger Things logo baseball shirt.

Target's Stranger Things clothing line includes retro-styled tees and hoodies.The Stranger Things clothing line at Target has comfy hoodies and baseball T-shirts.
They’re perfect for ’80s aficionados, bingewatchers who are counting the days until Season 3, and anyone who just wants to be ready in case of a surprise demogorgon attack.

And hey, you can support the Science Museum of Minnesota directly as well, by purchasing the Brontosaurus sweatshirt at their museum store. It even comes in sizes small enough for kids who have another 13 years or so before they can start S1E1.

The Stranger Things clothing line will be available in-store only at Target starting sometime at the end of February with tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts $12.99 to $24.99. The Science Museum of Minnesota sweatshirt and tee is also available on their own site.

Top image: Netflix