We’re lightening up the mood this week on the Spawned podcast, as we take a look at this year’s hottest spring/summer fashion trends and…well, we laugh. And gasp. And covet — just a bit.

Take a listen this very fun episode of Spawned, and get our takes on some of the hot fashion trends from the big department store lookbooks.

Oh, and note to stores: Can you please stop cutting off women’s heads on your websites? Ktxbye.

Take a listen right here right now, or listen to Spawned in iTunes or your favorite podcast app. This one is well worth your 34 minutes!


Some of the Trends Discussed in this Episode

Spring Fashion Trend: Belt Bags

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Fanny packs have been reincarnated as Designer Belt Bags  — or as Kristen calls them, “a fanny pack in wolf’s clothing.” And wow, do you all have some strong opinions on this!

Spring Fashion Trend: Bold Floral and Tropical Prints

Spring trends: Giant floral and tropical prints, as in this Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress

We’re split on this Tanya Taylor Maxi Dress – but it’s out of our budgets anyway so, have at it, friends with hedge funds!

Spring fashion trends: Tory Burch floral print espadrilles | Cool Mom Picks

Thumbs up to the Tori Burch Floral Espadrille Mules which let you wear this spring fashion trend fairly affordably by changing up a few accessories.

Spring fashion trends: Giant floral and tropical prints like this Milly Banana Leaf Swimsuit | Cool Mom Picks

Great print on this Milly Banana Leaf Swimsuit, even if we can’t wear what we refer to as a Plunging “I Never Had Children” Neckline ourselves.


Floral print cold shoulder silk top: On trend for spring fashion, but would you wear it? | Cool Mom Picks

What happens when too many trends come together at once? This floral print cold shoulder silk top. But if it’s calling your name, please keep your arms away from food — and open flames. Liz has a story about that one.

Spring Fashion Trend: Fringe, Feathers and Sequins

We’re split on this spring fashion trend — partly because ZOMG the dry cleaning bills; and partly because the styles are…well, let’s just say some of the items at the fringe shop at Saks gave us a good laugh.

Marques'Almeida cropped and frayed denim jeans

These Marques’Almeida cropped and frayed denim jeans? Just…no. It looks like a curtain gone awry.


The Rachel Zoe Metallic Fringe Tank Top is full on Austin Powers. You decide whether that’s a good thing.

Flip sequins: Good for kids, maybe not for adults. Although Liz is digging this Alice + Olivia rainbow sequin tee.

Pssst…You can see Liz in her Rose Gold sequin crop jacket by Erin Robertson in JCPenney’s Project Runway collection here. Fun right? And affordable! It’s now on clearance for $33 with discount code!

And should you not have a clear enough picture in your head of the ostrich-feather fringe-sleeved Pello Bello Normandy top that we described…here you go!


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Spring Fashion Trend: Metallics as Neutrals

Bergdorf describes metallics as the new neutrals and we’re alllllll in on this fashion trend! Please, metallics, never go away!

Kristen’s Metallic Rose Gold Slip-On Vans — fabulous! Meanwhile, Liz is coveting these silver glitter Puma low-top sneakers. But there are so many cool metallic shoes right now, you can really take your pick.

Spring fashion trends: Metallic glitter ankle booties at Forever 21 for under $20! | Cool Mom Picks

And here’s the link if you want to catch Liz’s holiday gifts Today Show segment with Julee Wilson, the incredible Fashion and Beauty Director of Essence Magazine, who got her super excited about these metallic glitter booties she found at Forever 21 for under $20.

Or you know, you can go high end, and grab the spendy designer Loeffler Randall knit metallic glitter booties for under (whispers) $400.


Spring Fashion Trend: Plaid, Checks, Flannel and Gingham

This is a hit or miss trend. You don’t want to look like you just rummaged through someone’s 90s stash, but on the other hand, designers have done a great job freshening it up. For about the third time since the Nirvana days.


Liz’s hips and wallets can equally not afford this Fendi Check Pencil Midi Skirt so if you’re going to 2018-up your spring wardrobe, check out this Delfi Collective Plaid Skirt which looks wearable and fun.

Tretorn gingham plaid sneakers : spring fashion trends | Cool Mom Picks

Kristen is a no on plaid blazers, a yes on plaid tights — for her 13 year old — but for herself, she’s into plaid dresses the Plaid Tretorns with a black and white gingham print.


But this plaid cold shoulder top? Run away! Run away!

Spring Fashion Trend: Giant Logos

In a word: Nope. But shout-out to the wildly expensive Gucci GUCCY Sega-font handbag because, it’s kind of fell-off-the-truck-in-Chinatown self-referentially hilarious.

Spring Fashion Trend: Kitten Heels and Pointy Toes

Spring fashion trend: Kitten heels and pointy toes. These shoes: Vince Camuto | Cool Mom Picks

We’re both a yes on this one, provided there’s no pain involved. And you want to blend it with the metallics as neutral trend? Check out these Vince Camuto Kitten Heel Slingback Pumps.

Spring Fashion Trend: Straw Bags and Accessories

Spring fashion trends: Straw Montauk Tote from mar Y sol | Cool Mom Picks

Yes to this! Because tip: straw accessories really never ever go out of fashion. A bag like this Straw Montauk Tote from mar Y sol will get so much use this spring and summer!


Apple AirPods review: Why I am a convert

Kristen: Apple AirPods. Read this post and see why she’s a convert.

City of Women NYC subway map: Mouse over it and see what NYC would look like if stops were named for women, and not streets and men | cool mom picks

Liz: The City of Women NYC subway map. Visit The New Yorker, and you can magnify sections to look at it more closely. Or find it in the 2016 book Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas by Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

Cartography by Molly Roy, from “Nonstop Metropolis,” by Rebecca Solnit and Joshua Jelly-Schapiro. Subway Route Symbols ® Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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