With World Autism Day fast approaching, for many of us who don’t have children with Autism in our family, we might let this important day slip off our radar. However, given the number of children on the Spectrum, there’s a good chance that even though your child might be typically functioning, they’ll interact with kids on the Spectrum at school, in their activities, and just everyday in their lives.

That’s why we are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Laura Klinger, the Executive Director of the UNC TEACCH Autism Program, as well as one of the experts behind Julia, the Sesame Street muppet with Autism.

We asked her everything from how to refer to kids on the Spectrum (hint: it may not be “autistic”), to what new developments in research she and her colleagues are discovering, as they relate to causation and treatment. We even talk about vaccinations. Oh yes we did.

Whether you have children with Autism or not, we think this is an important topic, and one that parents need to hear. We need more empathy and compassion in this world, and as you’ve heard us say before, that starts with our kids.

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