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There are two words moms and dads dread during the long, long days of summer: I’m boooored. That’s why seasoned parents have come to understand the importance of fun summer toys, and how they keep that phrase at bay.

The best kinds of summer toys are the ones that keep our kids interested, keep them engaged, and — sometimes! — even get them outside. But that’s no small task.

Which is why each of these summer toys is a great pick for kids. They’re all super cool, fun to share, and most of all, interesting enough that they’re not one-and-done kind of toys. In fact, your kids will want to keep playing long after summer’s over.

1. A fun summer toy to keep kids coolFun summer toys for kids: Fun Zone Dual Twister Splash Pool by Little Tikes can hold up to two kids, and you can add a hose to make it splash! | sponsor

The Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister is like a mini amusement park ride for kids 2+. Up to two kids sit at either end of the Dual Twister, and grab onto the wheel to start twirling around and around —and it works great with just one spinning kid, too.

Watch it gets instantly wilder when you snap a garden hose into the spigot — boom, it’s a spinny sprinkler!

It’s hard to imagine anything more perfect to keep kids going on hot summer days, whether they’re catching a breeze, or getting themselves soaked.

($39.99, Little Tikes, TargetAmazon)

2. A fun summer toy for splashing

Fun summer toys for kids: Fun Zone Drop Zone by Little Tikes is like your own splash park in the backyard | sponsor

If the Dual Twister is your kids’ backyard amusement park ride, then this Fun Zone Drop Zone by Little Tikes is their backyard water park.

Load up the conveyor belt with balls to fill the bucket, then pull a cord and let the balls splash down into the pool below to the delight of any little kid (ages 3-5)  on a hot summer day. You can even attach a hose and transform the whole thing into a waterfall.

($109.99, Little Tikes,Target, Amazon)


3. A fun summer toy that flies

Fun summer toys for kids: F-15 Eagle Fighter by Duncan gets 1 hour of play on a single charge | sponsor

The F-15 Eagle Fighter by Duncan isn’t your typical toy plane. This cool summer toy is built with a sturdy, ultra-light, non-breakable material (way better than styrofoam), complete with a built-in G-sensor, which lets kids activate the engine with a simple back and forth motion. In other words, no remote needed, and no remote to lose.

The Eagle Fighter comes with everything a kid needs to take flight, including a manual, charger, and extra propeller. Plus it will fly for a full hour after just one 20-minute charge.

($24.99, Duncan Toys and Amazon)

4. A fun summer toy that keeps STEM skills sharp

Fun summer toys for kids: Circuit Games by Klutz Maker Lab helps avoid brain drain | sponsor

Parents often struggle with the summer brain drain; we don’t want our kids to forget everything they learned in school, and if it’s not asking for too much, it would even be great if they could learn a few new things during the summer months. That’s where this Circuit Games kit by Klutz Maker Lab comes in.

The lab includes five different electronics-based projects for kids to complete, like a DIY operation game and a quiz show board. It’s sure to keep the fun factor high, without kids even realizing there’s serious learning going on.

($24.99, Amazon, Scholastic, or at your local craft, book or toy store)

5. A fun summer toy for pretend play

Fun summer toys: Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set by Kangaroo | Sponsored

This Pop-Oh-Ver Stove Set by Kangaroo looks so much like a real oven — its doors even open and close —that it’s a little hard to believe that it’s made entirely out of foldable fabric. All you do is pull it down over a regular chair, and kids can kick their imaginary dishes up a notch, whether they’re playing indoors on a rainy day, or gearing up for an al fresco picnic.

The size makes it ideal for small spaces, and you can even fold it up to pack with you on vacation. To make it even more realistic and give kids even more hours of fun, pair it with Kangaroo’s cool food and cooking sets.

($39.95, Pop-oh-ver)

6. A fun summer toy that keeps kids outside later

Fun summer toys: NightBall Soccer and Footballs by Tangle Creations | Sponsored

As any kid knows, any toy is all the more fun when it glows. It’s just one of those unwritten rules. That’s why these NightBalls by Tangle Creations are so fantastic — and perfect for kids who want to stay active outside long after dinner.

The soccer balls and footballs contain LED lights that are motion activated — so the more you play with them, the more they light up.

NightBalls are also water-resistant, and they float! That adds a whole other layer of summer fun if pool-time is on the agenda. Especially nighttime pool-time. Yay for summer!

($20, Football; $25, Soccer Ball; Amazon, Tangle Creations, and other major retailers)

This has been a sponsored message on behalf of the toys shown here.

Top photo: Jessica To’oto’o via Unsplash