The whole world has gone Royal wedding crazy and I can’t say I entirely blame them. Unless of course, they’re snapping up royal wedding souvenirs so fast they didn’t catch that this Royal wedding commemorative plate actually features Meghan Markle and…Ed Sheeran.

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If you thought the question of the week was Yanny or Laurel? that’s quickly being replaced by, Wait…is this plate for real?

Royal Wedding commemorative plate featuring Meghan Markle and... Ed Sheeran? | Cool Mom Picks

The owners at cheeky UK Etsy shop Modern Chintz seem to know what they’re doing, so while it’s more fun to think of this as a horrific blunder, I think the fact that they refer to it as an “alternative commemorative Royal wedding plate” is clue enough.

(Also the fact that they sell a funny UK meets USA Royal wedding plate and a Sex Pistols inspired punk rock Royal wedding plate.)

Still, if you want to hang one on your wall and tell people you found this crazy thing from some bonehead on the internet who thinks all gingers look alike, I imagine shop owner Lucy Bryant will happily go along with it.

Find the Royal wedding alternative commemorative plate featuring Ed Sheeran on Etsy from Modern Chintz