As delightful as it is to visit Target and buy fun stuff like clothes and toys, there are the times when you have to go for not-as-fun stuff like laundry detergent, paper towels, vitamins, and bandages. These are the times that try parents’ souls.

But now that Target’s next-day delivery service has gone nationwide, that’s all about to change.

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With the brand new service Target Restock, you can pick from 35,000 popular essentials — everything from diapers and cereal to toothpaste and crayons — and, for a $2.99 fee, have it delivered right to your door the next day.

No membership is required, as with Boxed, but you might want to compare prices, since Boxed is more like warehouse shopping. However if you happen to have a REDcard, your Target next-day delivery is free.

There are a few tiny caveats. First, you can only order enough to fill one 45-pound box. They’ve got an onscreen capacity tracker to show you how much space you still have left, which is helpful.

And second, while Target’s next-day delivery service is available nationwide, that doesn’t mean it’s everywhere in the nation just yet. I live in New Mexico, and right now I’m outta luck. Boo.

Even so, knowing Target, the next-day delivery service will likely keep expanding, and when it does, I’m here for it. In Albuquerque. Because if there’s one luxury I’d like in my life, it’s toilet paper and cat food delivery.

Actually, that’s kind of sad now that I look at it.

See if your city has Target Restock, Target’s next-day delivery service, available, then shop from 35,000 different essentials.