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Books always make the most wonderful baby and shower gifts, and now there’s a new board book that needs to be on every shelf in every nursery. Who? A Celebration of Babies is all about babies…and love.

Babies love their Dadas, babies love their Mamas, babies love their Grammas and Grampas, babies love their pets…babies even love their lovey. All these relationships come to life in a charming, endearing board book by author Robie H. Harris with wonderful illustrations by Natascha Rosenberg.


Who? A Celebration of Babies is a charming new board book by Robie H. Harris | sponsor

Who? A Celebration of Babies: The charming new board book by Robie H Harris | sponsor

Harris writes with the kind of fun, repetitive prose that gets babies excited to look at books — and toddlers excited to respond, engage, and eventually start reading for themselves.

The diverse families (and animals!) on the pages allow all kinds of children to see themselves represented here, which is so important in picture books. It’s clear that Robie H. Harris truly cares about children and families, and Who? A Celebration of Babies is sure to become a new classic with the 0-5 set.

Crash! Boom! A Math Tale: The wonderful new board book by Robie H Harris that teaches children about trying, failing, and basic math concepts | sponsor

While you’re checking it out, also grab a copy of Robie H. Harris’s much lauded Crash! Boom! A Math Tale which tells the story of a young child (well, a blue elephant child) trying to solve a math problem.

It’s a lesson in trying new things, failing, trying again, and the pride of success and achievement after lots of effort. And kids will love Chris Chatteron’s illustration of the hero, blended with the photography of wooden blocks that may even look just like ones they have at home.

Plus, it’s so wonderful to be able to expose young children to math concepts like counting, doubling, measuring, estimating, predicting, balance, gravity, and more.

Maybe your own children will be inspired to build a tower that crashes and booms. Quietly, of course.

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