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If you’ve ever had to sit through a wedding — and wished you were anywhere else — then memoirist Jamie Weisman’s debut novel might be just the book you tear through this summer. We Are Gathered weaves together captivating stories of the wedding guests with humor, wit and poignancy, in what’s being hailed as one of summer’s best reads.

And who can’t use a new best read right now?

While the novel opens at the massive wedding of Elizabeth and Hank (18 bridesmaids!), it’s really a collection of short stories from the point of view of seven different wedding guests.

There’s Elizabeth’s quick-witted, ugly ducking childhood best friend turned Hollywood film scout. There’s Great Aunt Rachel, a Holocaust survivor from Germany who’s still battling demons. There’s a lecherous grandfather, now wheelchair-bound but once…not so much. And there’s the bride’s own mother who’s got a lot to say about her own youthful indiscretions in love and motherhood.

We Are Gathered, the debut novel by Jamie Weisman | Sponsor

From confessions and dreams, to secrets and sorrows, the lush, compelling, first-person narratives in We Are Gathered help answer the question, “who are all these other people?” and “who do they think I am? — the same questions surely we’ve all asked ourselves at big family gatherings. Or even just watching the strangers around us on the street.

You just may never look at unknown wedding guests the same way again.

We Are Gathered by Jamie Weisman is available on and wherever books are sold.

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