This is a sponsored message from Wellements

Parenting is hard enough already, which is why the parents behind Wellements remedies and supplements wanted to make life easier for all parents doing the best for their kids every day. That’s why their products are all USDA-certified organic, and preservative-free — all for the same price as similar products that are made with preservatives.

Their Organic Baby Tooth Oil, which is Benzocaine and Belladonna-free and is the only organic tooth oil available to babies, is a mom favorite.

Wellements has recently launched three new products too: Organic Nighttime Gripe Water to ease occasional stomach discomfort and gas while promoting peaceful sleep, Organic Iron Drops to provide supplementary iron for infants and toddlers, and Organic Baby Chest and Foot Rub to help babies breathe easy.

Even the packaging is something parents like about Wellements — it’s all in earth-friendly glass bottles. No plastic, here.

Wellements Organic Probiotics Gripe Water | sponsored

Also, keep an eye out for two new supplements coming this summer: Organic Vitamin D Drops to promote healthy growth and bone development in breastfed babies, and Organic Multivitamin Drops that provide essential vitamins for a baby’s healthy growth and development.

Welcome Wellements products into your home and feel really good about the choices you’ve made for your family.

Visit the Wellements website to see their full line of certified organic, preservative-free products. You can connect with them on Facebook and Instagram, too. They’d love to hear from you.

This has been a sponsored message from Wellements. 


Top photo by kevin liang, Unsplash