Well, that was fast! It hasn’t been six hours since Melania Trump was photographed wearing a Zara bomber jacket with the questionable message, I Really Don’t Care. Do U? on her way (of all things) to meet migrant children who have been detained and separated from parents in Texas on orders of our government. But already, in an exemplary example of trolling the trolling (retrolling?), Etsy shop Two String Jane has come up with their own shirt in response.

The olive green I Really Do Care. Do U? t-shirt seems like a better message for our times, anyway, regardless of who is wearing it. Maybe Zara can take a note.

Better yet, this is more than an opportunistic counter-meme, considering 100% of the profits from the shirt will be donated to RAICES to support refugee and immigrant services which is a great use for your 29 buck. It’s an organization we’ve recommended ourselves in our own post on how to support families who deserve to be together. They’re good people doing important work.

I Really Do Care Do U bomber jacket, with 100% of the proceeds supporting RAICES #keepfamiliestogether

Should you be interested, you can also buy a I Really Do Care. Do U? satin bomber jacket from Two String Jane. Although as surely you know, you really don’t need a bomber jacket in Texas — or in Washington DC — on June 21.

[thanks for the tip, Kim G!]

On a separate note, visit IReallyDoCare.com to see how Parker Molloy redirected the URL. Same goes for IReallyDontCareDoU.com. Twitter be like…