Fairy gardens are such whimsical additions to outdoor (or indoor) gardens everywhere, especially if you’ve got kids. It’s an adorable way to get them excited about getting outdoors, getting their hands dirty, and learning more about the real magic of planting and gardening.

Think of it like decorating a dollhouse…only in soil!

Whether you’ve got a small slice of an urban rooftop, a container garden on a windowsill, or a whole country farm, I hope some a few of these cute fairy garden ideas I’ve found will inspire a little more magic in your own children’s lives.

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Tiny Fairy Garden Sign

fairy garden sign | summer fairy garden | coolmompicks
Nothing says welcome to our fairy garden than an actual miniature fairy garden welcome sign. This one is so sweet! If you need a fairy garden idea to get you started imagining how things could be, this is a wonderful little item.
(The Little Hedgerow, $6.95)

A Fairy Door

diy fairy door by danya banya | summer fairy garden | coolmompicks
This DIY fairy door idea by Danya Banya using basic popsicle sticks is such a great craft project for kids of all ages. Visit her site for the tutorial and some surprising ideas for how she brought hers to life.
(Tutorial + supplies list, Danya Banya)

Tiny Fairy Flower Lights

fairy lights | summer fairy garden | coolmompicks
Even a fairy can get lost in the dark, so leave a tiny light on for them. You can wrap a nearby tree in twinkle lights, hang a string of glowing solar butterflies, or use these whimsical miniature fairy flower pathway lights I found from a popular eBay seller.
(Nanafind on Etsy, $6.95)

An Ultra-Mini Fairy House

Mini acorn house for a fairy garden

While larger fairy houses can get a little tschotchke-ish fast and overwhelm the natural beauty of your garden, you can find ultra tiny ones, like this mini acorn fairy garden house that stands just 5.5″ tall!
($19.99, My Fairy Gardens)

Accessories of All Kinds

Fairy garden accessories kit from The Felted Tree and other fairy garden decorating ideas

The Felted Tree on Etsy sells tons of precious little fairy garden accessory grab bag kits that let kids decorate their garden with 18 whimsical items. Yours may contain pink lawn flamingos, a fairy-sized table and chairs, a tiny teeny garden gnome. The shop also sells ready-made Fairy Garden container kits (shown at top) which are perfect for urban dwellers.
($15.35 for this accessory kit, $38+ for container kits, The Felted Tree)

Real Fairy Plants

Fairy garden ideas: Mimosa pudica is a touch-sensitive plant activated by fairies, of course | Cool Mom Picks
While you can create a fairy garden with whatever is already planted, or work with specific miniature plants from succulents to shrubs, I love this fairy garden idea: a plant that will bring endless fun for your kids all summer long — because it’s fairy sensitive! What the heck does that mean? The Miniature Mimosa Pudica fairy plant actually closes when its leaves are touched by a fairy. Or your kids, of course. (Seeds and scents, $1.29/50 seeds)  

DIY Twig Chairs

How to make DIY fairy garden twig chairs | One Inch World

Of course your fairies may be tired from their long flight, and this tutorial for DIY fairy garden twig chairs will solve that problem pretty easily. Especially with the very detailed, step-by-step directions and photos from the clever minds at One Inch World.
(Tutorial, One Inch World) 

Fairy Garden in a Teacup

Teacup fairy garden DIY from Life Is a Party

You can plant a fairy garden within a garden, or just have a teeny-tiny self-contained fairy garden in a teacup like this one from Life is a Party. What a cool fairy garden idea for a space of any kind! Click over for really comprehensive, clear directions to make your own.
(Tutorial, Life is a Party)

The Fairies, Of Course!

Fairy garden ideas: Mini fairy garden figurine swinging from a leaf
In my fairy garden at home, the fairies appear only when we are sleeping. But if if you want to invite your fairies to “show themselves,” there are lots of cute options. I like this miniature fairy on a leaf swing from The Little Hedgerow on Etsy ($14.99) but you can find a large selection from online shops like My Fairy Gardens and My Fairy Homes and Gardens. (Ha.)