Along with cool sunnies, a good beach read and sunscreen with a high SPF, the perfect summer tote is an important summer essential. It needs to be big enough to hold everything you (and your kids) will need for a day out, be durable enough to handle some sand and sea, and still look chic enough to go out for coffee after (because you know you’ll need coffee after.)

Here are a few we found that fit the bill — all of them are priced under $50. That’s totes affordable.

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Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Woven Straw Tote Bag from Urban Outfitters

This Woven Straw Tote Bag is so stylish, you’ll want to carry it even after you’re done with your day on the sand. Roomy but not bulky, it could go straight from the beach to the wine bar – after you’ve dropped off the kids and the wet towels, of course. ($29 on sale, Urban Outfitters)

Straw tote from Topshop: Great totes under $50

Everyone needs at least one perfect, slouchy, neutral straw tote in their summer accessories wardrobe that goes with everything, and this Brighty Straw Tote Bag from Topshop could be it. Durable enough to cart to the beach and chic enough to take to lunch, you’ll want to book a fall trip somewhere warm just to use it again. ($40, Topshop)

Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Mossimo Jelly Tote Bag from Target

Clear bags will be everywhere this summer, and this Mossimo Jelly Tote looks good enough to eat. (But don’t because it’s, you know, made out of plastic.) Bonus: Many concerts are requiring the carrying of clear bags and purses for security reasons, so this one could double as your Burning Man bag. ($19.99, Target)

Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Moroccan Basket Backpack from French Baskets on Etsy

My favorite of the bunch. This gorgeous Moroccan Basket Backpack is not only easy on the eyes, it’s easy on the hands, too. With all of your essentials on your back, you’ll have two hands free to carry everyone else’s stuff. Which always seems to happen when you take the kids to beach, right moms? ($43, French Baskets on Etsy – note it ships from Morocco)


Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Baggu Giant Tote Bag from Urban Outfitters

This striped Baggu Giant Tote Bag is a classic, bringing back my own childhood memories of holidays on the coast with family I swear my mom had this very same bag. Or am I just thinking of my dad’s beach shorts? If it’s sold out, they have other fab patterns like ablack and white grid upcycled cotton canvas duck tote or one in a neutral blue chambray. ($29,99, Urban Outfitters)

Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Straw Tote from A New Day at Target

I love the wrapped handles on this Straw Tote for Target from A New Day, and those pompom embellishments are so on trend, adding a nice pop of color to make this bag stand out. Also, the circle handles (also on trend!) make it easy to pick up the bag and go, which is important when you’re carrying towels, chairs, a cooler and maybe even another human. ($32.99, Target)

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Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Customizable Beach Tote from El Paso Bien on Etsy

This generously sized handmade Customizable Beach Tote from this Mexican design workshop has an added surprise: Each bag comes with a custom keychain and wooden initial that you choose. Plus, pick your color! Any one would be perfect to order for everyone on your girls’ trip, or for your tween/teens and their BFFs for their birthday beach party. ($20, El Paso Bien on Etsy, note it ships from Mexico)

Summer Beach Totes Under $50: Paradiso Cooler from Free People

An insulated bag is essential for any beach outing, and this Paradiso Cooler Insulated Tote from Free People could nicely carry your drinks and snacks. (Not to mention a few boozy popsicles.) I love the vintage look so much, and it’s way more stylish than some tote bag with a bank logo that you got free ten years ago somewhere. ($34, Free People)