A couple years ago we took an in-depth look at some of the top mattress-in-a-box companies that had blown up the market. Since then, we’ve had a lot of companies reach out and ask us to take a look at their products and add them to our list. To be honest, none of them have really stood out to us — at least until I tried 5 Little Monkeys.

This mattress-in-a-box brand is specifically focused on making mattresses for kids, which of course, sparked my interest. So they sent me one try try out and, turns out it’s totally worth sharing with you all.

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5 Little Monkeys kids' organic mattress-in-a-box comes with a pillow and mattress cover, too!

The company has designed their ergonomic mattress, pillow, and protector to work together to perfectly support a child’s body. The pillow is built to support anatomically smaller bodies (i.e. kids), while the mattress has something called “cradling support,” which helps kids avoid restless movement in their sleep.

It’s all CertiPUR-US organic, which is something we really think is worthwhile when it comes to kids’ mattresses. And it includes features I haven’t seen before, like a “dual phase change gel layer” in the mattress, above the memory foam, which helps your child regulate their temperature during the night. That way they stay cool and comfortable — and hopefully stay asleep.

Yes, please.

As for pricing, it is $499 for the entire set, which is definitely more than your average twin mattress. But compare with similar organic mattress sets which come out around $699; or the top-rated organic crib mattresses which run around $299-450 and are only useable for a couple of years, tops. Now you’re talking.

That said, there are some other benefits developed with parents in mind that I like.

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You don’t have to remember to flip the mattress every few months. To clean you can simply vacuum it, or toss the pillow and mattress cover in the machine. And it comes with its own protective allergen-proof and waterproof mattress cover, which keeps out dust and dust mites and to hopefully keep the mattress pristine enough that you never need to buy another one.

I feel like I should note that the mattress itself is super soft, so if your child prefers a firmer mattress for sleep, this isn’t the one for you. My own kids loved the one we tried out though, and yes, fighting ensued over who got to have this one for their bed.

The 8 year old won, for the record. And he’s been sleeping happily on it ever since.

Order your own 5 Little Monkeys organic mattress set for kids at their website, and get a 100 day return policy if you don’t like it, and a 15 year warranty if you do,

Thanks to the company for sending a press sample for review consideration.