For those of us who had 16 Jennifers and Michaels in every class, it’s no surprise our kids’ classe are now filled with names like Atticus, Harper, Caleb, and Arun. Even if there’s more than one Mikayla, it’s likely that one is a McKayla, one is a Mickaylah, and one is a M’Kayla. So for those kids (and their clever parents), I totally love having found an Etsy shop that makes some really cute personalized baby tees and onesies.

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Personalized baby jumpsuits from Kal & Co make great baby shower gifts

Personalized "hi my name is..." baby onesie from Kal & Co make great baby shower gifts

Arriving baby personalized tee from Kal & Co: Sweet baby shower gift!

Kal & Co offers all kinds of handmade, custom baby tees with a nice sense of typography and design, and more than 1000 raving reviews from buyers can’t be wrong. I personal love the “A is for…” style but they’re all pretty cute.

What a perfect modern-day baby gift, whether you’re shopping for a Susan or a Skyylar.

Find cute personalized baby tees and onesies, and lots more styles all handmade by Kal & Co on Etsy