After the past week we’ve had, spotting these illustrated political women icon stickers on a friend’s Facebook feed kind of made my day.

Let me just say, this is a tiny grassroots effort by artist Gabriela Indivero — it’s not an Etsy shop or a fancy website. But I can vouch for its authenticity, and I also have a feeling this effort may not stay tiny. Because this young illustrator is doing big things.

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Each vinyl sticker features a beautiful, powerful illustrated portraits surrounded by tiny print. Michelle Obama’s says, “Courage can be contagious.” Elizabeth Warren’s says, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” And the Ruth Bader Ginsberg sticker says, simply, “Dissent.”

Stick them to your notebook, your laptop, your water bottle, your backpack, your phone case, your jacket at the next protest march — which should be any day now.

All profits go to the excellent nonprofit, Indivisible.

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What I like best about this effort: even though the stickers are just $3, the artist will take $1 off if you tell her how you’re directly getting involved in our political process. Have you contacted your elected officials? Are you phone banking for a candidate? Registering people to vote?  Speaking up at a town hall meeting? You can take that dollar off…but maybe go ahead and donate it anyway.

Gabriela reminds us we can all make a difference in some way. Let’s do this.

You can order your own powerful women stickers via Gabriela Indivero’s Google form. See, I told you it was grassroots!