This weekend, I had a lovely experience in my local Brooklyn coffee shop, bonding with two complete strangers over our matching RBG t-shirts. It’s not all that surprising — Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become quite the rock star and role model these days.

And with the release of the outstanding RBG movie (which I highly recommend supporting in theaters if you can — my kids even loved it!), on the heels of the success of Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik’s Notorious RBG book, I imagine even more of us are looking for a way to wear one of our 21st century heroes on our chest.

With that, take a peek at some of these fantastic RBG t-shirts for men (Father’s Day is coming up!), women, teens, and little kids.

You kind of can’t go wrong. Unlike a few recent SCOTUS decisions.

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Official Notorious RBG t-shirt supporting the book's authors

If you’re going to grab a Notorious RBG shirt, make it the official t-shirt that helps support the book’s authors. Other tees have slogans like Queen Supreme, Raging Feminist, and Dissent in your choice of colors, but I think purple is pretty perfect for Queen Supreme.

There’s also an RBG vs Citizens United tee if you want to wear her wise words about campaign finance corruption on your back; and an RBG for Reproductive Freedom shirt, featuring a quote on the back from her groundbreaking 1993 confirmation hearing. That was a 96-3 confirmation by the way. Boom. ($27.49 for this one, Spreadshirt)


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You can't handle the Ruth: RBG t-shirt

Thanks to @ali_rn on Twitter I discovered this fantastic You Can’t Handle the Ruth RBG t-shirt that had me laughing right away. It comes in styles for women, men, kids and babies too. Bonus: Ginsburg herself owns one. #Twinning ($13.99 for women’s shirt on sale, Look Human)

RBG tshirt: Ruth Bader Ginsburg rainbow tee

I saw someone wearing this Rainbow Ruth RBG t-shirt and fell in love! I tracked it down to PopDesigner on Red Bubble, who offers a ton of humorous progressive political tees in all sizes, for all genders. ($29.94 with other styles available, Red Bubble)


RBG golden dissent collar t-shirt by Turner & Pooch on Etsy

There’s a great moment in the film, in which Justice Ginsburg shows us all of the collars she owns, including her now famous golden dissent collar. In fact, there’s a great photo opp display at theaters, where you can pose “wearing” the robe and dissent collar — check out my girls and me posing on Instagram on Mother’s Day! If you want to bring it home, this Etsy shop makes a golden RBG dissent collar t-shirt. It’s not 100% accurate, but gets the point across. ($18.90 on sale, Turner & Pooch Co)

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RBG quote tshirt: Women belong in all places where decisions are being made

RBG’s face may be iconic, but it’s her myriad quotes that really drive home how much she’s done for feminism and equality for all under the law in this country. I love this tee featuring her line, Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. PS: For more about that idea, listen to our recent podcast interview with business writer and pro-women angel investor, Heather Cabot. ($17.99 on sale, Look Human)

RBB pop art t-shirt on Red Bubble, with proceeds supporting one dad's autism therapy treatments for his son

RBP, pop art icon? Totally. Love this RBG pop art t-shirt from a dad who’s selling his tees and other products to help pay for therapies for his son’s autism treatments. That seems like something Justice Ginsburg would support — though she’d rather us all have better health care coverage. ($25.83 with other styles available, Red Bubble)

RBG Justice Tarot Card Tee

I am so down with this clever RBG Justice Tarot t-shirt. I especially love that Justice Ginsburg is not here to smile for you. ($17.99 on sale, Look Human)

RBG t-shirts: You can't spell truth without Ruth

There are a lot of versions of You Can’t Spell Truth without Ruth RBG t-shirts out there, but I like this one from Holly on Red Bubble. Especially when you pop her red and white typography against a blue t-shirt background. America, y’all. ($20.60 with other styles available, Red Bubble)


Women of SCOTUS helvetica t-shirt

Of course the ubiquitous (but still cool) Helvetica list t-shirt trend includes this Women of SCOTUS t-shirt. ($27, Khaleesis Bazaar on Etsy) There’s something awesome about paying tribute to all four women justices — out of oh…113 total SCOTUS justices.

As RBG herself notoriously said:

When I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the Supreme Court] and I say, “When there are nine,” people are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that.