We’re always up for tips and tricks to help us make our time in the kitchen more fun, which is why we were so excited to chat with Catherine McCord, of the uber popular Weelicious, one of our all-time favorite food blogs.

We’ve been friends for years now, so how thrilling to chat with her about all things food, especially her thoughts on how to make feeding kids way easier and more enjoyable — especially for those of us who don’t actually live to cook. (Ahem.)

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Weelicious school lunch inspiration: Bentos can be easy and fun!Photo: Weelicious

We love Catherine’s idea of snack platters as meals for kids, especially on the weekends. Let kids help you put them together.

So glad to hear Catherine says “skip the sandwiches.” We agree! (And so do our kids.)

No surprise here: Kids love eating food in fun shapes. It may take us more time, but there’s a better chance they’ll eat it.

Why does Catherine love smoothies? Because you can pack a ton of nutrients in them! Hemp, flax seeds, spinach and cauliflower (it’s colorless and pretty much tasteless in a smoothie and even adds texture) are her go-to items. Make sure you’re following her Instagram stories because she posts her kids’ smoothies daily.

She recommends getting kids in the kitchen as much as possible. It might get messy, but the benefits outweigh the clean-up (which they can help with too).

Make sure you’ve got Catherine’s site Weelicious bookmarked, and don’t miss her amazing cookbooks (from our affiliate Amazon or your local bookseller).

If you’re on the west coast, you’ll want to check out her One Potato food subscription service, hopefully coming to the East Coast soon.

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