I’m a big fan of Mrs. Meyer’s all natural cleaning supplies. In fact, I buy a lot Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products in bulk and keep them stocked under my sink so I don’t run out. Because, life with four kids = lots of messes.

I’m usually partial to their lemon verbena scent, but now that three new Mrs. Meyer’s limited edition scents for fall are available I’m going to be trying some new scents out.

The perfect-for-right-now scents include a spicy Mrs. Meyer’s apple cider option, a crisp Mrs. Meyer’s mum aroma for those who prefer floral scents, and a comforting Mrs. Meyer’s pumpkin scent that isn’t too PSL for our taste.

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Mrs. Meyers' new limited-edition fall scents, including Pumpkin

Mrs. Meyers' new limited-edition fall scents, including Mum


You can get all of their cleaning products in these scents — from hand soap to dish soap to all-purpose spray — in addition to their soy candles which so many of us like. And just like all of Mrs. Meyer’s line, everything is all0natural and made without harmful chemicals or toxins and are cruelty free. So you can get your home smelling great, while feeling great about them too.

You can find Mrs. Meyer’s Limited Edition Fall Scents at Target right now, and if you use your RED card to order you’ll even get free shipping along with your 5% discount.