Whatever your feelings about what happened on November 6, 2018, we hope you can agree that it was an exciting, historic day for women. Over 100 women in Congress! YES! So, on this week’s episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we’re talking about Election Day, the results, and why they matter for our kids, not to mention what we can do going forward to keep them engaged and excited about civil service.

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Featured art (above) by Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili

Links from the episode

In case you haven’t heard the big news we’re all buzzing about, here’s the Washington Post’s take on it.

Here’s our take on the big news of over 100 women in Congress.

We’re big fans of She Should Run, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping get more women in office.

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Cool Picks of the Week

Liz – Plae’s new Sidekicks coordinating sneakers for adults and kids. (If Liz picks shoes, that means they’re awesome).

Kristen – 50 awesome podcasts, picked by podcast-addicted parents. Such a great, exhaustive list from our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook group.