I’m feeling sweatah-weathah turn into stylish winter coat weather pretty quickly, and we’re loving some of the trends we’re seeing in girls’ winter coats this year. In fact, when Liz shared Vogue’s trend watch for adult outerwear this winter with me, I knew I’d seen lots of mini-me styles that take their inspiration from these trends too.

So, what are those trends exactly? We’re seeing boxy belted coats, bold checks and tweeds, leopard prints, leather, and of course, puffers. And we’ve tracked down all of these stylish winter coats in girls’ sizes for you.

If you’re a fan of clothing gifts for the holidays, grab your favorite while you can, especially since so many are on sale right now. Whoo!

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Winter Coat Trend for Kids: Belts

Big, boxy coats with belts are the hot trend for women this year, and while the girls’ version aren’t quite as boxy, I did find some smart (and affordable) belted options that make for stylish winter coats for girls.

Winter coats for girls: Belted puffer at H&M

This purply-navy color is perfection, with the constellation of metallic hearts across the quilted belted jacket at H&M ($35).

Winter coats for girls: Belted wool coat at Limited Too

The style of this Limited Too belted winter jacket for girls ($22) is closest to the trendy style I’m seeing for adults, and it comes in a range of colors.

Winter Coat Trend for Kids: Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have been a stylish winter coat option for girls for years now, and they’re not going anywhere. Which is good, because this is one style kids and their parents generally agree on for winter! We’ve found some in a range of prices, from big sales to big splurges.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Rose Gold puffer at H&M

We have to admit, we still love metallic for our kids. We’re seeing it more in accessories or detailing, but this metallic rose gold puffer jacket for girls at H&M ($49.99) goes all out with the shiny fun that kids adore.

Best winter kids coats: Long Down Coat by Appaman

We can’t say enough about the quality of Appaman puffer coats ($120 and up), which have lasted Liz’s kids through multiple winters.  This long down puffer coat will keep kids warm as well as stylish, or check out the shorter puffer coat styles in tons of fabulous colors.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Retro-style puffer at Boden

This retro puffer jacket for kids at Boden ($90) reminds me of the kind we wore as kids in the ’80s, and I can’t believe it’s back! If your kids are Stranger Things fans, this will probably be right up their alley.


Stylish winter coats for girls: Puffer at Old Navy

Classic Old Navy puffer jackets for kids are 40% off with code STYLE for a limited time (reduced from $56) in a variety of colors. I’d probably get two at that price, wow!

Stylish winter coats for girls: Velvet puffer by Stella McCartney

If you’d trust your kid with a velvet winter coat for holiday outings and have the money to spare, this Stella McCartney velvet puffer jacket ($350) is a stunner, wow. While it comes in little kids sizes, I could see justifying it for a teen a little more — preferably if she’s stopped growing and can wear this for the next 35 years.


Winter Coat Trend for Kids: Bold Checks and Tweeds

Huge, bold checks and tweed wools are what women will be wearing this winter, and we’re loving these three stylish winter coats for girls that feel more appropriate for the younger set.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Bold checks at H&M

This cute plaid winter coat for girls at H&M ($50) has the boxy, swingy look that’s so popular this year, and it’s a great way to dress up some basics in your kids’ wardrobe. It’s not quite snow-weather appropriate, but great for southerners like me, and kids with milder winters.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Boxy tweed at Zara

This plaid trench coat for girls at Zara ($55) is a great way to pull the tweed trend into your kids’ closets, although it’s best for cool — not cold — winter days.

Winter coat trends for kid: Appaman denali down coat in a chic charcoal tweed | cool mom picks

Ignore the “boys” category on Appaman — or any shop, really — that’s where we find some of our favorite girls’ looks. Like this Denali charcoal tweed down coat which is warm and rugged but tailored, in a gorgeous fabric that will look great with jeans or fancy wear. The fur trim is removable too.

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Winter Coat Trend for Kids: Leopard

The labels are going big with leopard prints this winter, and we’re fans of this retro-cool style for kids of all ages. Rest assured, no real leopards were harmed in the making of these coats, because, yikes.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Boxy leopard print at Boden

The leopard print girls winter coat ($90) from Boden is called a “party coat” because looks like a winter evening at the Nutcracker with hot chocolate and magical memories to me. Too much? Maybe, but I think it’s adorable in this boxy style, and perfect for your holiday photos — candid and otherwise.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Bomber style leopard print at Nordstrom

Leopard prints don’t have to be precious. This fabulous bomber-style leopard girls’ jacket at Nordstrom ($55) takes the leopard print in a sporty direction, for active girls who want to look chic, even as they flip around on the monkey bars before the metal gets too cold.

Winter Coat Trend for Kids: Leather

Leather (or pleather, as the case may be) isn’t the most sensible choice for kids when the weather gets really cold, which is why we love these three fashion-forward leather jackets for kids in various weights, that each offer great value for different reasons.

Kids Appaman Pilot Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

The Appaman Montana faux leather jacket for kids ($102) is a longtime favorite of ours because this bomber style never really goes out of style. It’s a fairly warm option for all but the coldest days, making the price actually a nice value. That faux fur collar is cozy too.


Stylish winter coats for girls: Faux leather at Nordstrom

The gathered sleeves give this faux leather jacket for kids ($31 for a limited time at Saks) by Habitual a stylish edge for tweens, and it’s currently 50% off so grab it while you can! It’s a great layering piece for under a proper winter coat, so that kids can still look cool when the coat comes off indoors.

Stylish winter coats for girls: Moto jacket at Target

If you like a traditional moto jacket for kids, this one at Target ($27.99) brings just a little contemporary detailing in the ribbed long sleeves. They make it super comfortable for kids who want to wear it in class while they write , or run around at the park with friends when they’re hot enough to shed a vest or overcoat.