Moms are shopping for their kids more and more through subscription services these days and we thought it was worth taking a good look at these subscription clothing services for kids and compare them.

Hey, we get it — it’s so convenient to get a curated box of clothes delivered straight to your door, instead of dragging the kids through the mall to maybe find something that they’ll love…maybe not.

So we took a look at some of the top options for comparison — Rockets of Awesome,¬†KidBox¬†and the newest of the three,¬†Stitch Fix Kids.¬†Hopefully this will help you make a more informed decision before you try them out.

A thorough comparison of the top kids' clothing subscription boxes |

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KidBox and BabyBox

Kids clothing subscriptions: KidBox and BabyBox

What is it: KidBox determines your kid’s personal style via an online quiz you take (tapping on photos that best represent your kid’s style) then sends you a box loaded with a solid mix of pieces. My son’s box included lots of name-brand items including 7 for All Mankind jeans, casual pants, a dress shirt, a Diesel hoodie, t-shirts, and more. KidBox also comes with a fun zip-pouch full of stickers, crayons and other small goodies.

If you’re looking at BabyBox, you’re basically choosing between modern and classic, and specifying whether you need more rompers, bodysuits, sleepers, and so on.

They also offer limited edition boxes like the Dream Box, filled with girl or boy PJs and a Kidsentials subscription just for socks and underwear which saves you 50% off retail — plus more trips to the store.

Brands: Their description of “premier brands” is pretty loose. It includes everything from Appaman, Splenda, AG Kids and Joe’s Jeans (which are arguably premier brands); to small brands we love like Masala Baby, Pink Chicken and Little Green Radicals; to decidedly mainstream brands like Lee, Levi’s, Disney Kids, Adidas and Skechers (solid, but maybe not so “premier”), to brands like Kidtopia which are sold in Walmart and Buy Buy Baby.

Comparing the top kids clothing subscription boxes: BabyBox by KidsBox | Photo: Moments with Liv + IslaPhoto:  @moments.with.liv.and.isla via @Kidbox on Instagram 

Sizes: newborn to 24 months for BabyBox, and 2T to 14 for the girl KidBox and 2T to 16 for the boy KidBox.

Price and Returns:¬†A BabyBox is $68 for 5-6 items, and a KidBox is $98 for 6-7 items. You can return anything you don’t want, but you then are paying per item, or around $12+ each piece. It’s definitely cheaper to just keep the whole box, even if there are one or two pieces you don’t want.

Returns:¬†Sending items back is easy — the box includes a self-addressed return package in it. Fill it with any items you don’t want and drop it in the mail. You’ll receive an email confirmation when KidBox receives it.

Frequency: KidBox sends boxes seasonally, but they email you first to confirm that you want to receive that one. You’re welcome to skip any time.

Bonus: The company is really committed to social good and includes a Kids Board of young community activists and entrepreneurs. Every time you keep an entire box, KidBox donates clothes to kids in need (you get to choose the charity); while the Kidsentials box partners with Bombas Socks to donate a pair of underwear or socks for each box ordered.

Our Analysis: KidBox is great for brand-conscious families who want high quality kids’ clothes with brand names you’ll recognize (but are okay with a few you won’t). I was very happy with the ratio of casual to dressy clothes, and the styles have stayed fresh over several seasons. We haven’t seen too many repeats of the same-old-thing in the boxes that have come.

Rockets of Awesome

Kids clothing subscription companies: Rockets of Awesome

What is it:¬†Rockets of Awesome designs their own clothes, so you’re not getting brand names your kids might recognize (and want) but you are getting clothes their friends are likely not to have. Their designs are very stylish and extremely well-made. The sportier hoodies and crews are incredibly soft and comfortable, while the “edgier” items incorporate on-trend details like flip sequins, varsity accents, faux fur, camo, neon, metallics, and humorous graphics.

They determine your style with a very specific quiz, and you can even select particular colors and styles you know your kids will wear — and ones they definitely won’t. So if your daughter will never wear pink, glitter, or clothes with sayings on them, it’s really helpful to be able to make that note.

Rockets of Awesome will send out a “sneak peek” email when your box is ready to ship. You have until midnight the following day to approve the box. If there’s anything you know you won’t want (they often send little pins or accessories that are like “impulse purchases”) you can switch it out before it ships, which is really smart. That way, when the box arrives you already have a good idea that you’ll like the styles they picked.

They also allow members to shop individual items listed in their shop after that season’s box is shipped. This makes it easy to exchange for a different size, a similar item in a different color or fabric — or even something entirely new that looks great. Just know they do tend to run out of some sizes and styles faster than others so open your box as soon as you get it!

Brands: All from the Rockets of Awesome label.

Sizes: Boys and girls sizes 3-12

Price: The box includes 8 items for $150, which includes items from about $18 (tops, leggings) and $38 (jackets, dresses). There is a $5 service fee per box, which is then credited toward any items you decide to keep.

This year they also launched a new referral program — refer a friend who subscribes, and you each get a $20 credit toward your next purchase.

Comparing the top 3 kids' clothing subscription box services: Rockets of Awesome

Returns: You’re welcome to return anything that doesn’t work for you within 5 days of receiving it, and Rockets of Awesome pays. It’s also easy to exchange for different sizes or colors, if available.

Frequency: Boxes are sent each season, and you’re welcome to skip any box.

Bonus: Amazing customer service; easy to reach a real person if you need help with exchanges or tracking down new sizes. It’s also nice to be able to shop the boys’ department for your girls (great hoodies!), which is a benefit other kids’ subscription clothing services don’t have.

Our Analysis: Overall, this is a terrific service for style-conscious kids — even if they’re more sporty or casual — and the clothes are made well enough for handing down to lucky siblings.

Liz subscribed to their service for her picky tween for over a year and loved the clothes — the first box, she didn’t even send anything back, and that’s saying something! However it’s important to note that because they make their own clothes, you will start to see the same silhouettes over again, only in different fabrics. That can be a plus or a minus depending on whether you loooove that particular hoodie and are happy getting it with slightly different variations each season.

Also know that quite a few items incorporate variations of the “Rockets of Awesome” name and logo, and your kid may have feelings about that. But those items are easy to send back or exchange. Overall, a great value for dJ Crew/Splendid quality clothing without the name labels.


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Stitch Fix Kids

Kids clothing subscriptions: Stitch Fix Kids

What is it:¬†If you’re already using StitchFix for your own wardrobe help, it makes sense to go ahead and try out¬†Stitch Fix Kids too. Just like the adult version, you’ll get name-brand clothes handpicked just for you by Stitch Fix stylists. The more you use the service — and give them your feedback — the better it will work for you.

To get started, you describe your kids’ personality, style, size and, unlike the others, you get to pick your clothing budget.

Stitch Fix refers to the kids’ clothing as “one-of-a-kind styles,” but they’re fairly traditional relative to Rockets of Awesome — lots of denim, sports brand logos, and a few flourishes on the girls clothing. But they’re still in trend, with touches like¬†fringed faux-suede handbags and floral-embroidered dresses for girls, and rock-themed tees and flannels for boys.

Brands: They claim more than 50 partners including Hanna Andersson, Nike, TOMS, Levi‚Äôs, Under Armour, Hurley and some slightly more designer brands like Kate Spade. There’s also their own label called Rumi + Ryder. But in our experience, you are more likely to receive items from labels you haven’t heard of.

Stitch Fix Kids: Sample boys outfit

Sizes: Toddlers and Kids 2T to 14

Price: Each box charges a $20 styling fee, which is credited toward any items you keep. The box will include 8-12 items, which range from $10-35 per piece. If you keep the entire box, you’ll save 25% off the entire box.

Estimating 10 pieces at an average of $22 per piece ($10 for leggings, $12 for tees, outerwear $24 and up), this also means you’re paying more for this service than the others — even with the discount.

Returns:¬†A prepaid return USPS envelope is included with your box, so you just load it with the items you don’t want to keep.

Frequency:¬†You schedule the boxes on your terms — you can set up automatic delivery or just schedule on demand with Stitch Fix whenever you’re ready for a new box. This is a terrific option, especially if you need emergency clothes for camp or a vacation.

Bonus: If you already have a Stitch Fix account, you can manage the kids’ orders without creating a new account.¬†And each box comes with a personalized note to your child from their stylist, making it more fun for kids to open up their boxes.

Our Analysis: If you don’t care about labels and your kids prefer basics (which may have modern touches) this is a great way to fill out their wardrobes. That said, because of the upfront cost and more expensive price tag, we’d suggest trying one of the others first unless you’re already a Stitch Fix user. Then, the convenience of doing all your shopping in one dashboard might just be worth it.