This past Christmas, I wanted a perfect cashmere scarf — long enough to wrap a couple of times, short enough that it doesn’t poke out the bottom of a knee-length coat. Soft enough that I can wear it indoors, tightly knit enough that I don’t end up with pieces of fiber in my mouth, and not too chunky. When I saw the J Crew Ribbed Cable-Knit Cashmere Scarf I knew that was it.

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Within five seconds of opening the gift wrap (thanks, Sweetie!) it was confirmed: The perfect cashmere scarf. Like, perrrr-fect.

The perfect cashmere scarf: JCrew's ribbed cable knit scarf, now on sale

I got the camel color, which is like the perfect butterscotchy-brown (not too yellow!) and looks amazing with a black or charcoal jacket — but as you can see, every color is gorgeous and of course I want all of them. Or maybe just one more.

And that could happen, because I checked the site this morning, and the scarf is now on sale for $99, which is 21% off. In fact, maybe you want to grab one for a Mother’s Day gift (yes, I would totally wear this in May especially if I’m traveling), or if you’re going to be needing a great gift for a nanny, a friend, or a special teen in your life.

There are benefits to shopping for the perfect cashmere scarf in February, friends.

Find the J Crew Ribbed Cable-Knit Cashmere Scarf, AKA the perfect cashmere scarf according to Liz, on sale now at JCrew

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