We’re always looking for ways to foster imagination and creativity in our kids, and who better than to help us with that than Peter McNerney from Story Pirates, and his wife Beth Newell, co-host of the We Knows Parenting podcast, both of whom are popular improvisers on the NYC Improv scene. (Also, you might recognize Peter from a few TV shows and commercials). They’ve got helpful tidbits for how parents can use improv to help their parenting, plus great advice on raising creative, imaginative kids in a digital world.

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How to raise creative kids in a digital world with Peter McNerney and Beth Newell

Things we discussed on this podcast

1. How to use improv techniques to help your parenting

2. Also, how improv can help you in other areas of your life.

3. A creative storytelling technique your kids will love

4. How screens are affecting kids’ creativity and imagination

5. Why boredom is good for kids.

Digging Up Danger: The newest book from Story Pirates

Be sure to subscribe to Story Pirates podcast and We Knows Parenting podcast, and check out the Story Pirates’ upcoming schedule to see if they’re coming to a city near you (we hope so). And, don’t miss their newest book, Digging Up Danger, which is inspired by a real kid’s story (as opposed to a fake kid, or robot). Actually, everything the Story Pirates do is inspired by real kids.

Our Cool Picks of the Week

Russian Doll on Netflix: Our cool pick of the week

Peter: Dinosaur Train! Yes, it’s still on and the information kids learn about dinosaurs is legit.

Beth: The Marco Polo App is a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends and family. (Kristen endorses this app as well!).

Kristen: Stop what you’re doing right now and binge watch Russian Doll. It’s amazing.

Top Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash