Last week I discovered this fantastic Into the Spiderverse t-shirt on Woot! by comic illustrator Adam Koford (A.K.A. ApeLad), I figured it would be blow up. But now that Into the Spiderverse won the 2019 Oscar for Best Animated Feature last night (and deservedly so!) you might want to get your hands on one now.

Look closely and see how many of the 16 Spideys you can recognize. It’s just such a clever, geeky-fun twist on Miles Morales’s iconic line: Anyone can wear the mask.

That includes Darth Vader, evidently, which would mean that anyone can also wear the mask over another mask.

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Into the Spiderverse tshirt on Woot: "Anyone can wear the mask"

Order now from Woot! in adult’s or kid sizes and you’ll have yours — or up to 15 of them, if you’d like — by March 2 or so.