I’ve been busy rounding up the cutest rainbow crafts for St. Patrick’s Day for preschoolers and our little kids, since the holiday is coming up fast! And I’m finding that these sweet and simple crafts for kids are helping to brighten our home, too, since it’s still a little too dreary to spend much time outdoors. Sigh.

Here’s hoping these St. Patrick’s Day rainbow crafts keep little hands busy until the real rainbows reappear.

Top: Eye dropper rainbow craft |  Paper and Glue 

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Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Handprint rainbow painting | Kid's Craft Room

I think that crafts that use my kid’s handprint, like this rainbow handprint painting at Kid’s Craft Room, make the best keepsakes. And therefore, it’s a perfect St. Patrick’s Day rainbow craft for preschoolers or toddlers who aren’t yet paintbrush ready. I mean, have you ever met a kid who didn’t want an excuse to get their hands rainbow-y?

Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Rainbow paper plate pockets | Handmade Charlotte

Gotta love a good, simple paper plate craft, especially one as cute as these rainbow paper plate pockets created at Handmade Charlotte. If you’ve got younger kids, let them design the rainbow and then (obviously) you hot glue it yourself. Click over for all the instructions.

Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Painted rainbow stones at Non Toy Gifts


I love the idea behind this painted stone rainbow craft at Non-Toy Gifts that Kate first shared in a 2017 roundup of fun, easy rainbow crafts for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s so easy, preschoolers will be thrilled to take part, and creative kids will surely find a ton of other uses for the colorful rocks after their rainbow is arranged — and properly Instagrammed by you, of course.

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Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: DIY clay rainbow ornaments | Alice & Lois

Melissa from Alice & Lois created these DIY clay rainbow ornaments for Christmas, but I think they’d be lovely to have around your house all year, whether hung from a window or on a house plant. It’s a little more ambitious than some of the others, but with your help, you could totally pull it off as a team.  I love the cool effect of having a 3-color rainbow, or let kids get ambitious and fit the whole Roy. G. Biv on these little charms.

Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: DIY rainbow paint tote bag | Club Crafted

I don’t know why I never thought of DIYing tote bags  but it seems like a wonderful (and practical) way to display my kid’s artwork. Plus, this DIY rainbow paint tote bag craft for St, Patrick’s Day at Club Crafted looks super easy for kids of all ages, thanks to a cool technique you’ll find in this tutorial. And again….there’s always finger paints for little ones.

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Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: Eye dropper rainbow craft | Ellen at Paper and Glue

I think this eye dropper rainbow craft from Ellen at Paper and Glue is such a brilliant way to help preschoolers and little kids improve their hand-eye coordination, all disguised as a cute St. Patrick’s Day rainbow craft. The result is gorgeous too! Plus, tiny eye droppers mean less mess than big paintbrushes, right? Hopefully?

Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: DIY pom pom rainbow | White House Crafts

I love how cheerful this DIY pom pom rainbow at White House Crafts looks on the wall. If you’re not up for making your own pompoms like Antonella does in this tutorial, just buy your own at your local craft store, which makes it easier for little kids to help glue on anyway.

Rainbow crafts for St. Patrick's Day: yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft | I Heart Crafty Things

Today’s forecast calls for fluffy clouds with rainbow clothespins! This yarn wrapped cloud and rainbow craft is such a perfect St. Patrick’s Day rainbow craft for preschoolers, since it doesn’t require a glue gun or advanced crafting skills. You can find all the details at I Heart Crafty Things.