We all write so much about work-life-parenting balance… and what a tough balance it is. If it even exists. So I was thrilled to find out about the Pledge Parental Leave initiative that’s coming to an employer near you.

Well, hopefully.

Pledge Parental Leave is a much-needed movement intended to help the creative industry — and hopefully all industries, eventually — more supportive for working parents. Especially considering the US is the only industrialized country in the world with no government mandated parental leave, let alone how far behind we are on paternity leave specifically.

To adopt the pledge, companies must provide to employees:

-3 months paid leave after childbirth or adoption
-uninterrupted medical coverage
-6 months guaranteed job security.

This goes for both moms and dads, which is essential. Plus, the company must make this policy public.

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Pledge Parental Leave mission: how to get more US companies to pledge to support moms and dads after childbirth or adoption | coolmompicks.com

It’s a known fact that the lack of parental leave policy is kind of a joke in the U.S., especially given our extreme wealth compared to other countries. And I long for the day when sweeping policy change makes these kinds of campaigns obsolete. But I’m so thrilled to see that a slew of companies have already signed the pledge, which means that roughly 6,000 employees are now covered under this policy.

Decent start, especially considering the narrow focus on creative industries so far.

If this campaign sounds like something you’d like to support, learn more on the Pledge Parental Leave site and consider sharing on social media.

Or better, schedule a chat with your own human resources officer and tell them how rad it would be to see your company name on the Pledge Parental Leave partners page. Just saying.

Top image: Dakota Corbin on Unsplash

Top image: Minnie Zhou on Unsplash