Searching for cute, modern swimwear that our kids like as much as we do can be harder than you’d think, but this year I’m excited about the new swim collection from June & January. Even more exciting — we get to give you all the exclusive first look at their new designs!

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June & January launches a great new swim collection for kids

June & January launches adorable new swim wear for kids and it's so well made!


I had a chance to try out these new pieces, and while it’s a small collection for now, each one is really well made.

The suits are fully lined with fabric that doesn’t ride up. The boys suits have pockets. and the fabric is super stretchy and comfortable. And can we talk about how much I love that pink stripe for the boys? Yay for designers that are broadening our options in both directions.

And by the way, if you have kids with sensory issues, you’ll be glad to know there are no tags to itch them while they’re busy trying to have fun in the pool.

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June & January's new swim collection: Cute swim shorts for boys

My favorite swimsuit at the moment from June & January is that two-piece peplum swim suit in wasabi green — a color that, although admittedly bright, happens to look as great on my pale-skinned redhead child as it does on my tan, black-haired child. Go figure!

That said, the one-piece swim romper (yes, a romper) for girls is perfect for sporty kids who just want something cute and comfortable at the pool.

June & January's new swim collection: Girls swimwear in one- and two-piece options.

We’ve been fans of June & January since they first launched their cute kids’ leggings — and even before, that, going way back to 2012 when they were called Little Hip Squeak, offering handmade, modern baby blankets. We really love continuing to support smaller, women-owned businesses like this one as they grow to be not-quite-as-small. Especially when they create such wonderful products we can really stand behind.

Now, bring on the warm weather so we can swim!

You can find the June & January swim collection on their online store right now