The first few weeks of my son’s life, he refused to sleep without being cuddled up next to a parent. Since I know this is a problem for many newborns, and older babies too, I was excited to learn about the Lulla doll, which plays the sound of a mom’s heartbeat and breathing to soothe anxious babes into a deep sleep — well, we hope, anyway.

Plus, this favorite of new has some great upgrades we’re excited about.

These newly designed Lulla dolls mimic Mom's breathing for a better night sleep for all

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Lulla’s new design includes more diverse skin colors (yay). But there are new safety features too, like straps that attach the doll to the crib rather than having it lying next to your baby — a big no-no, as you probably know. It can sit upright, which makes storage and displaying a little easier. Plus, it features a longer playback time than older models: a very optimistic 12 hours!

But beyond the sweet factor, a Lulla doll could be a really nice comfort to a preemie who’s in the NICU and can’t have a caregiver too close to them. And these dolls could be literal lifesavers for parents who are tempted to put the baby in bed with them. I know from experience how hard it is to resist when you haven’t slept for days on end.

But if Lulla can safely help our babies feel like they’re sleeping with us, even when they’re in their cribs, we’ll take four. Please and thank you.

Find all three fun shades of Lulla dolls at their website.