We all would love a tidy home that’s Marie Kondo approved, but let’s be honest, kids definitely complicate that endeavor. With all the stuff they accumulate, and then, keeping them safe on top of it all, well, it’s overwhelming to say the least.

That’s where our guest, author and organizational expert Nikki Boyd can help. She’s teamed up with our sponsor Tide to help parents tidy up while also keeping safety in mind. Because as parents, we have more considerations than just making our homes adorably Instagram worthy.

Nikki offered plenty of tips we hadn’t even heard before, and we thought we’d heard it all!

Take a listen to her helpful tips and tricks (including a big one that surprised us!) right now on our podcast.


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Some topics from this week’s show 

At home with Nikki: Organizational expert Nikki Boyd's tips and tricks for a tidy, safe homePhoto: Nikki Boyd

– The most common places families have clutter

– A very smart way to get kids involved in taking responsibility that was totally new to us!

– What to do if you’re a “collector” like Liz. Ahem.

– Where to start first, if you’re feeling overwhelmed

– Safety tips for the laundry room, and other common areas in the house

About this week’s sponsor

Tidy Home | Safe Home bingo board | sponsor

Our sponsor Tide knows parents love a tidy home, but have more to think about: making sure their home is safe for their children. They know that there’s a lot to love about the tidying trend, but living with kids can make that tricky. Along with organizational expert and author Nikki Boyd, they’ve created a Tidy Home | Safe Home Bingo Board to help parents tidy up, while keeping our kids safe.

Head over to the Cool Mom Picks Instagram account to check out the Bingo Board, and if you share it in your own Instagram Story and tag @athomewithnikki, you’ll get a chance to win a free in-home consultation with her.


Our cool picks of the week 

Nikki: It’s strawberry season, and she’s a big fan of strawberry salsa. We found this recipe from our friend Ree, The Pioneer Woman, and it looks delicious.

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Wandering Bear Cold Brew coffee comes on tap and keeps your fridge organized too!

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Top image: Nikki Boyd via Instagram