If you’re shopping for some flag-adorned July 4 wear for the kids, and the standard stars-and-stripes stuff in the big stores isn’t jumping off the shelf at you, here’s a totally different way to go, and I love it:: The América la Estupenda American Flag “love” kids tee from our friends at Free to Be Kids.

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It’s the Spanish language variation of their popular Love Flag Tee, in which the stripes are made up of words like compassion, kindness, generosity, honor, inclusivity, justice and peace, and the stars form the word LOVE.


“Do they make ’em for adults?” you my be asking? Why, yes! Yes they do!

America la Estpenda patriotic flag tee at Hello Resistance supporting RAICES

American Flag Love Tee from Hello Resistance supporting ACLU


You can find the adult version of the flag tees at the online shop Hello Resistance, where 25% of proceeds of the Spanish language tee are donated to RAICES — the organization that’s been getting a lot of my charitable donations this year — while 25% from the English language flag tee is going to the ACLU.

I like the idea of a Fourth of July tee that gives back. Not that you can’t pop in a few sparklers or red-white-and-blue lollipops in there too.