This summer, I’m looking for fun new ways to engage my kids’ creativity, despite their best efforts to convince me that more Overwatch is the answer. So when I heard Kindness Crate subscription service, my interest was piqued from the name alone.

Every other month, kids receive their own box in the mail containing everything they need in order to perform an act of kindness around a particular theme. And before you roll your eyes about paying money for kindness ideas, know that these go way beyond “be nice to your sister.”

Each box includes a parent guide, educational worksheets and activities for the kids, one creative service activity and what I love, the ability to track your impact.

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Kindness Crate helps kids spread empathy.

For example, the July box this year is all about celebrating differences. So your kids receive a letter from a child in a Syrian refugee camp through the nonprofit, Help Syria’s Kids. Kids are able to write that child back, and even become pen pals.

Previous boxes (which you can still order a la carte, BTW) include a family gratitude kit, and supplies for a bake sale to support the End Child Hunger campaign. Future boxes promise to tackle topics like homelesness and anti-bullying that can use the kindness of children to help make a big difference.

For busy parents looking for a way to teach their kids about real-world issues in an age-appropriate way, and hoping to build those skills of empathy and compassion that our world desperately needs, I think this gift is a smart, no-fuss way to do it.

Subscribe for 2, 4, or 6 months to The Kindness Crate starting at $36 per crate at their website, and every new subscriber automatically receives their Gratitude Crate. You can add an extra sibling to the membership for just $15.