We’re back with our fifth selection for the Cool Mom Picks Book Club with The New Childhood: Raising Kids to Thrive in a Connected World a book by Jordan Shapiro I’ve raved about for months over on Cool Mom Tech. It covers the topic of digital parenting unlike any other book I have read, so I’m thrilled that we’ll be reading it as part of our book club. And of course, I had to read a digital copy. How very meta! (You can find both through our affiliate Amazon, or pick up a hard copy at your local book seller.)

Whether you’ve got teens and tweens, or are a brand new parent, Jordan’s book is one I think every single person who’s parenting in the 21st century should read. If you want a little teaser of the book’s contents, check out our Spawned podcast interview with Jordan a couple of months ago.

And we’re so happy to bring the Cool Mom Picks Book Club to you with the support of our awesome sponsor, The Wines of Vinho Verde. Could there be a more perfect match? These versatile reds, whites, and rosés from Portugal go with whatever you’re eating, and whatever you’re reading. (Though we’ve got some paring ideas below, should you be book-clubbing with friends.)

We’ll be chatting about this book live on Facebook (you can see it now!) July 16, 2019, at 9pm ET. And don’t forget this is a super laid-back book club. If you only get a chance to buy the book and skim it, that’s okay! We’d love to have you join us to chat.

Check out our live video about The New Childhood, now on Facebook.

Book Discussion Questions 

Book club discussion questions for The New Childhood

1. What are the inherent issues we face parenting kids in the digital age?

2. What are some ways kids are utilizing technology that seem foreign to us?

3. Is there a right age to start kids off with social media and smartphones?

4. How can parents help kids develop their sense of self in a digital world?

5. Should we be worried about screen addiction?

6. Is family screen time a good idea?

7. Why is it easier for parents to embrace the idea of technology in academic learning, but not socio-emotional learning?

8. How can we raise our kids to be responsible digital citizens?

Check out our live video about The New Childhood, now on Facebook

Vinho Verde Loureiro Wine Pairing Ideas


Vinho Verde Pont Limma wine | sponsor

The wines from Portugal’s popular Loureiro grape are fresh and floral, with ripe fruit and a slight minerality. We’ve even seen it referred to as a “hip” wine from one columnist. Also, we’re obsessed with the pretty bottle! What a lovely hostess gift to bring to your summer parties.

If you’re not familiar, a Loureiro wine is so light and perfect as the weather gets warmer, and if we can’t be drinking it in the actual Vinho Verde region ourselves, we’ll settle for our sunny porch (or maybe the pool or beach) with a good book. Of course.

The Vinho Verde wines pair well with foods from their own region, in this case, the Lima sub-region of northern Portugal, but they’re also great with your favorite summer bites and meals, whether you’re a fan of Asian fare, Italian cooking, or pretty much everything in between. They’re just that delicious and versatile.

If you’re serving some book club munchies, our sommelier friends suggest pairing with:

1. Seafood dishes, like a homemade ceviche, crab cake bites, mini fish tacos or sushi or sashimi.
2. Cheese (our personal favorite), anything light and creamy will work. Think goat cheeses, burrata or even a brie.
3. Fruits and veggies: For your crudité platters, consider tossing in some orange or grapefruit to complement the citrus, or dress a salad with a lime-based vinaigrette.
4. Grilled poultry, like chicken skewers, or a grilled chicken salad.
5. And… oysters, because you can never go wrong with oysters.


Vinho Verde: Versatile wines from Northern Portugal that pair well with all kinds of foods (sponsor)

Thanks so much to our wonderful book club sponsor, the Wines of Vinho Verde, for their support!