Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous DIY balloon arches in my Instagram feed that have me inspired to figure out how to try my own. And after sleuthing around for tips from my favorite craft bloggers, I’ve discovered that it’s actually totally doable. Even for those of us (ahem, me) who never quite mastered balloon animals.

So take a look at these 3 different techniques for achieving the perfect DIY balloon arch. They’re perfect your next summer party, or really, any party at all. Just get help blowing them all up!

We don’t need you passing out before the party even starts. 

Top image: Mounted DIY balloon arch at Spruce Crafts | DIY helium balloon arch at A Beautiful Mess 

Easy DIY balloon arch 

DIY balloon arches: Easy DIY balloon arch at Birds Party

If you’re crafting for a young child’s birthday party, there’s no need to go all-out with an art-installation-festooning that dwarfs the whole room. For a preschooler who still thinks play-doh snakes are a pretty cool idea, this easy DIY balloon arch at Birds Party. If you stick with the rainbow colors, this could make a great St. Patrick’s Day party decoration, or mix up the colors to match your theme.

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Mounted DIY balloon arch 

DIY balloon arches: Mounted DIY balloon arch from Spruce Crafts

If you’re not super confident in your arch’s ability to support itself, I recommend this mounted DIY balloon arch from Spruce Crafts. If you don’t have a pegboard like in the picture, you can always stick some temporary command hooks on the wall to keep your arch secure. Once you get the basics of this technique, you can make your arch any size, length, or shape you want.

DIY balloon arch with helium balloons 

DIY balloon arches: DIY helium balloon arch at A Beautiful Mess

If you want your balloons to stay up by themselves, by all means give this DIY helium balloon arch a shot. It does require a helium tank, so make sure you plan ahead for this one. I love how Elsie at A Beautiful Mess uses greenery to make this arch classy enough for any adult party, too. Never thought a balloon arch could be so artsy!