As working mothers ourselves, we’ve seen the climate change dramatically over the years since our kids were babies. And then, we’ve also seen things stay exactly the same. To give us some perspective on this topic, we’re chatting with Amy Nelson, CEO of The Riveter, and mom of 4 (with a newborn, who actually makes a cameo on the show!). She’s just recently returned to work after a short maternity leave, and is sharing her experience with us: what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what needs to change for all working mothers. (And what we can do about it).

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Amy Nelson, CEO of the Riveter, on life as a working mom and CEO

You can learn more about The Riveter community (their newsletter is awesome!) on their website. And be sure to follow Amy on Instagram. She shares her candid thoughts on being a new working mother daily, and is a wonderful, refreshing follow.

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Cool Picks of the Week

A great Instagram follow: HithaPalepu on Instagram

Amy: #5smartreads from @hithapalepu on Instagram. We love new follows!

Kristen: Geoguessr, a super fun, geography game. Even my teen loves it.

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