I currently have…oh, probably 5 wagons in my garage. It’s overkill, for sure. I have the awkward and bulky molded plastic wagons that don’t fit easily in your car (sorry, sentimental Radio Flyer). I have the fold-down fabric wagons from the athletic store to carry all your gear to soccer games. I even have the oversized wagon with huge wheels, made just for the beach.

Now, I’m about to toss them all. Because the Veer Cruiser I received for review is the absolute best wagon for families I’ve ever tried. And yes, I’ve tried a lot.

This review updated for 2024

Veer Cruiser rides steady and smooth over gravel roads.

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Putting the Veer Wagon to the test

Veer Cruiser even dominates across sand | Photo via @kauailife for Veer

Photo via @kauailife for Veer

I’ve put my Veer Cruiser through plenty of trials for sure.

I’ve taken it to tailgate at crowded football games and to secret off-the-trail fishing locations while camping, and I’m not sure I can express how impressed I am with how well it maneuvers both off-road and on.

I’ve easily rolled it through crowds, up curbs, across tree-root crisscrossed paths, down stairs (without a kid inside), and through sand easily and with total control. Like, I’ve been so impressed that I’ve called out, “Honey, OMG can you believe how well this wagon moves?” (I’m not the type to typically geek out about wagons, I promise.)

The Veer wagon review: It folds up so compactly it's perfect for travel!

As for storage, the whole thing folds up easily and stands up on its end, so you can stash it inside a closet or in the back of your car. I have a pretty bad back, and it’s been no problem for me to fold the sides down and lift it into place — although I do admit it is a bit heavy for me to lift into the back of the car by myself when my back is not 100%.

Accessories help it grow with your family. For a loooong time.

The Veer wagon is designed to grow with families and it's AMAZING

The reason I’m saying that this is the only wagon your family will ever need is that it’s designed to grow with you. A huge host of customizable accessories include a car seat adapter (see Amazon for options for Britax, Graco, Chicco, Nuna, Cybes, Maxi-Cosi and more) allowing you to snap your baby’s car seat directly into the wagon.

There’s a nap system, which includes a portable mattress and bug shade, letting your toddler lie down and, well, nap in the wagon while you’re out. There are custom sidewall panels to let you personalize the look with cammo, skulls and all kinds of gorgeous colors. There are cupholders and misting fans, travel bags and more since they first introduced the Veer.

The Veer is even sturdy enough to haul a 14-year-old. (Yes, we tried it, just for kicks.)

About that cost…

Veer Cruiser goes off road

Now for the sticker shock: They start at about $699 which sounds like a lot if you think of it as a wagon. I don’t at all. And in fact, it’s less than the price of a medium to high-end stroller and you get so much more use out of it. Like hauling groceries in the city; loading it up for full days at the fields with sports kids; packing it for a day on the beach or a picnic in the park; piling it high with Goodwill donations.  Or you know, taking a hike through the rainforest with your kids. Should that be an option.

I suggest you look at all your options through Veer website, which includes free shipping, and compare with prices and deals on Amazon.

A note for parents of kids with special needs

I will also add that as a special needs mom, the Veer wagon is a lifesaver. My preschooler with special needs is a little too old for a stroller but she has a tendency to be a runner. (Or as our therapist puts it, “she is at risk for elopement,” ha.)

Lots of kids like her have the same challenge, and using a wagon like this can be a — literal — lifesaver.

There are seat belts to keep your child in place, but plenty of free space so they’ll feel like they’re not in a stroller or baby wagon. The retractable sunshade canopy can offer privacy if they need it in an over-stimulating environment. And you can keep their sensory items stashed in the basket nearby and within quick reach, should they be approaching a meltdown.

Did I mention Halloween?

Best wagon for families: The Veer Cruiser dressed up for Halloween | Photo by @debra_ott on InstagramPhoto: @debra_ott on Instagram for Veer

Need one more reason to justify the purchase of a Veer for your family? This Halloween, we’ll 100% be decorating our Veer as we go door-to-door in our neighborhood, transforming it into something imaginative, while filling that basket up with all the candy we can. We can’t wait.

You can find Veer Cruisers at their website or the best price I’ve seen is through Amazon. The price includes a 2-year warranty, two cup holders a Snack+Drink tray, and ships in a branded Veer box.

If you purchase through the website, the company does offer payment plans to let you space out the expense over time. And like I said, it’s truly the only wagon you’ll need from birth to your kids’ tween and teen years, when it seems like there’s more stuff to lug around than even when they were babies. If that’s possible.