We love finding cool, creative advent calendars each year, and this year we’re geeking out over the new Infinity Harry Potter Advent Calendar Liz found over at Merchoid.

Potterheads, don’t let this one disappear (through the forces of muggles, not magic) before you have a chance to catch one for yourself.

The calendar itself is basically a stack of boxes that pulls out in different directions, bringing the magical staircases of Hogwarts to mind. Each box has a different kawaii-style character, icon, or HP scene on it, like the various Hogwarts kids, Hagrid, the golden snitch and even Fluffy.

There’s also Aragog — though a cute version. And really, how often do you find an Advent Calendar with spiders on it?

As for the insides, I love that they’ve skipped the cheap chocolate and included small toys like plush figures, reusable shopping bags, pins and badges instead. My wannabe wizards at home are going to totally freak out.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar: Each day includes a fun toy, like a plush figure or cool badge.

Harry Potter Advent Calendar: Each day has a fun wizarding world reference.

If you’re a true Harry Potter fan, you won’t let this one get away. But hurry, because these will be gone before you can say EVANESCO!

Order your Harry Potter Infinity Advent Calendar at Merchoid, stat.