We’ve had so much find finding creative 2018 Advent calendars for kids. And even if you don’t think the holiday season needs more presents and candy (agree to disagree), I think you might change your mind when you see these awesome calendars.

Whether your kids are into treats (taking a stab in the dark here), crayons, crafting, or performing random acts of kindness, we think you’ll find just the thing among these fabulous 2018 Advent calendars. Here’s to distracting from all those presents under the tree. A little.

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Creative Advent calendars for kids: Sleigh Advent calendar | Paper Built Shop

This cute sleigh Advent calendar at Paper Built Shop comes in the form of a digital download that lets kids print and fold themselves. Or you can assemble it yourself and fill with candy for a cheap alternative to store bought filled Advent calendars. Then keep the file so you can do it all again next year.

Creative Advent calendars for kids: DIY acts of kindness Advent calendar | Lovely Indeed

This DIY acts of kindness Advent calendar from Lovely Indeed costs nothing but might make a big impact on your kid’s life, especially if they complete all 24 lovely suggestions. And they’re all doable, like baking cookies for a friend or sending a Christmas card. Click over for the easy-to-follow tutorial.


Creative Advent calendars for kids: Marvel 12 days of socks Advent calendar | Target

I’m obsessed with this Marvel 12 days of socks Advent calendar from Target, which our advertising director Lisa claims is the best gift she’s ever gotten her kids and nieces. If your kids aren’t into Marvel (what??), check out the Star Wars or Harry Potter Advent calendars.


Creative advent calendars for kids: LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar | Amazon

The LEGO Star Wars Advent calendar lets kids build their Star Wars universe over the season. And how cute is that Rose Tico minifig? She might be worth the price of the whole set. Here’s to creative Advent calendars you don’t have to put away so fast after Christmas!

Dylan's Candy Bar modern chocolate Advent calendar for kids, new for 2018

If your kids want more instant gratification from their countdown, try this colorful, modern chocolate Advent calendar from Dylan’s Candy Bar, available at Neiman-Marcus or directly from Dylan’s Candy Bar (compare shipping rates). It’s full of two dozen individually wrapped milk chocolates. Just make sure you get a few of these Advent calendars if you have more than one kid — or if you plan on sampling the treats yourself. Fortunately the price is terrific.

Creative advent calendars for kids: Crayon advent calendar | Art to the Extreme

I love that this crayon Advent calendar from our friends at the Art 2 the Extreme Etsy shop offers a brand new handmade rainbow crayon every day, and in the form of classic Christmas shapes (plus a few welcome-in-any-season donuts). This one is ideal if you want to give your kids a daily treat without the sugar.



Creative Advent calendars for kids: Tree Advent Calendar | Petit Collage

For another creative Advent calendar idea, I think younger kids will love playing with this tree Advent calendar from Petit Collage, which forms a whole tiny Christmas village as the month of December unfolds. And unlike the musical keepsake Christmas villages at Grammy’s house, playing is permitted and encouraged here.

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Creative Advent calendars for kids: DIY Book art Advent calendar tutorial | Love Book Folding

If you’re looking for a creative Advent calendar for a crafty teen or tween, check out this cool DIY book art Advent calendar tutorial at Love Book Folding. It includes the pattern and instructions you’ll need to make a lovely, nerd-tastic calendar like this one.

Creative Advent calendars for kids: Harry and David advent calendar 

If you want to give something a little more than chocolate each day, it’s tough to pass up 12 days of treats from the gift basket experts, especially when those days bring macaroons, peppermint truffles, and flavored popcorn. Give this Harry and David Advent calendar to your nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, and you’ll be their favorite person. Ever.

creative Advent calendars for 2018: Caravan Shoppe printable kids Advent calendar

We love everything from our friend Alma Loveland at Caravan Shoppe, and we’re so excited to see this new printable Advent calendar she just created, that we’re sharing it early; it won’t be available for download in her shop until right after Thanksgiving. But since it’s an instant download, how much time do you need, really?