Every year, the USPS gets tons of letters to Santa from children from all over the country, many of whom come from low-income families where the holidays present quite a hardship. Well, this year, the USPS is helping to make these kids’ wishes come true with their USPS Operation Santa.

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USPS Operation Santa: Adopt a letter

You can head over to the website, then peruse the scans of letters to Santa (like this one) from kids and parents. You can even adopt a letter from a family. Then, you’ll need to sign-in to the USPS site. Be patient: it’s buggy and it took me a few tries to complete the verification process, and even then it said it didn’t work when it did. Chances are, they’re getting slammed right now. After I entered the code a few times (and got an error message), I just went back to the adopt page, chose a letter, and I was good to go.

When you finally choose a letter, the USPS will email you with more details about what to gift the child and where to send it. This is such a sweet way to make a special child’s holiday wish come true. And a wonderful way to teach your kids the joy of gratitude and giving, which for us is what this season is all about.