If the picture up top makes you think, Ack! That’s every room of my house, then you’re going to be so happy to learn about Second Chance Toys, an organization that will help you get those no-longer-wanted toys into the hands of kids who really do want them instead of just sending them to the landfill. (Ugh.)

This is the of year to donate all the clean plastic toys your kids have outgrown, or never really loved, and find them new homes. You know, before even more toys show up over the holidays.

We all love this so much!

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Second Chance Toys | donate your kids unwanted plastic toys 

If you live the mid-Atlantic region, Second Chance Toys has several drop-off locations. As we’re getting close to Christmas, many of them will even accept toy donations up until a few days before.

If you live outside of their drop-off region, Second Chance Toys has an easy-to-follow registration and tool kit for organizing your own plastic toy drive in your neighborhood, school, community center, church or temple, or even just among your friends.

After you’ve collected 50 toys, simply photograph your haul and contact Second Chance Toys. They’ll pair you with a local organization that will be happy to accept your toys.

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Be sure to read the site for the criteria for acceptable toys, which is pretty basic — clean, no missing pieces, and plastic only. There’s also some info about size (nothing in the choking hazard range for toddlers) and batteries (include them securely inn the toy).

I can think of dozens and dozens of toys my now teens could have donated if I had known about this then. Way better than all those castoffs just languishing at the bottom of the toy box — or, shudder, in a landfill.

Check out Second Chance Toys’ website for more information on how you can donate your kids’ unwanted plastic toys to kids who want them. And if the holidays get the best of you, no worries. Second Chance Toys helps you find homes for your kid’s unwanted plastic toys all year long.