With the CDC recommendations that we now where face masks in public, I made a few myself – no sewing involved! – and purchased a couple from a few local businesses who have pivoted their businesses during this Coronavirus pandemic. But when I saw these customizable face masks from Apolis that actually support families in need right now, I had to grab a couple.

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Apolis customizable face masks

For $19, you can choose your own custom saying on a face mask, and in turn, Baby2Baby will make sure a family in need gets a day’s worth of diapers. How awesome is that? I had a few ideas for sayings, which ran the gamut from a little racy, to very political, to straight up inspirational, and you know what? I purchased all three of my ideas. Bonus points to whoever gets one with “Cool Mom Picks” on it. Ha.

There’s a limited quantity so you’ll want to order quickly. And if you’re able to round-up your order to the nearest dollar, you can support Baby2Baby’s work even more.

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