We’re on day 30-hundred of this here quarantine, and while we’ve been keeping busy with work and isolation schooling and 400 hours of TikTok, we could all use a little excitement, am I right? Well, our friends at GISH have that covered, with their first ever Play-At-Home scavenger hunt that’s totally family friendly.

If you’re not familiar with GISH, which stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, they’ve been hosting crazy awesome worldwide scavenger hunts for nine years, but given the circumstances (and the fact that founder Misha Collins is dealing with his own bored kids), they decided to launch one that folks can do at home.

Now before you go “Yeah, yeah, I’ve seen these things,” I will interrupt you and say, “No sir, I do not think you have.” This is no average scavenger hunt. It’s clever, creative, and highly imaginative. There’s cosplay, puzzles and out-of-the-box problem solving. So it’s educational! And you use their site to upload your photos and videos. Yep, they don’t mess around!

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GISH Scavenger Hunt Play At Home on April 25

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And the best part in participating, you’ll support kids in need. For every registration (which is just $15 per person), they’ll send 10 meals to kids who usually rely on schools and after-school programs to get their food through No Kids Hungry and Save the Children. That’s amazing.

The only caveat: You need to sign up by tomorrow (Monday, April 20). You can create your own team, or they’ll add you to one of their already existing global teams. Do a family vs family head to head challenge. Get your kids to sign up with their friends and enjoy 24 hours of peace and quiet. Or something like that.

It’s a pretty fantastic way to get your creative juices flowing, pass a little extra time you might have (I’m funny, huh – “little”), and most importantly, support an extremely worth cause. I guess there’s only one thing left to say (other than mark your calendar for April 25, 12pm PT when it starts): May the odds be ever in your favor.