This year for Mother’s Day, we wanted to be sure to round up some of the best subscription boxes for mom out there. After all, mail is a bit delayed right now, making standard shipping a risk for last-minute gifts in some cases. We also know that moms are needing a lot of extra love this year, and a thoughtful, well-made subscription box is such a great way to keep reminding her how much she’s appreciated.

Here are some of our picks for the best subscription boxes for moms, with ideas from the bigger brands you recognize to indie shops who could really use the support right now.

But of course, whatever you pick will be the very best one. Because it will be sent with love.

We may earn a small commission when you shop through affiliate links on this page, which helps support the work of our own small business at no additional expense to you. So, thank you!

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Subscription gifts for moms: Flowers every month from Bouqs

For a traditional mom: A monthly flower subscription
(From $36 per arrangement, The Bouqs)

Brighten up Mom’s day — or year — with a flower subscription for Mother’s Day. You can use a national service supporting indie growers, like The Bouqs (above), or check with a favorite local florist near her to see if they offer a subscription. They might even be willing to put one together for you — Small businesses are getting very creative these days. Nashville, we love the arrangements we’ve received from Foliage Nashville. It happens to be co-owned by my sister, but I’d love it even if it weren’t!


Subscription gifts for moms: Vellabox all-natural candles to give her that spa-at-home feeling.

For a mom who needs some calm in her life: Vellabox all-natural candle subscription box
(From $10 per month, Vellabox)

With everyone at home more (or uh, all the time), what mom wouldn’t want to have some clean new scents around the house to enjoy? We checked out an editorial sample from Vellabox and were impressed with the quality of the candles all from artisan US makers, the lovely scents, and the eco-responsible packaging that still feels gifty and special. Maybe send this subscription gift to Mom or Grandma with a note about taking some time off to enjoy them all by herself in a nice, long bubble bath.

Subscription gifts for moms: Trade personalized coffee subscription

For a mom who’s staying up late bingeing Netflix: Trade Personalized Coffee Subscription Box
(From $40 per box, Trade Coffee)

With this personalized coffee subscription box delivered each month, Mom might forget Starbucks is even a thing. After completing a few questions about her coffee preferences, from boldness to type of machine she uses to make it, Trade will recommend the beans they think she’ll love from small US roasters. Great coffee that supports small business too? Yes, please. (Note that Trade is a recent sponsor and we loooove them!)

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Subscription gifts ideas for moms: Feminist Book Club gives her something to read and a place to talk about it.

For a mom who  is still persisting and resisting: Feminist Book Club Subscription
(From $12/month, Feminist Book Club)

There are so many book club subscriptions for moms to choose from, but know lots of our readers (and their own moms!) will love the Feminist Book Club subscription. In addition to a thought-provoking, empowering book each month (like Good Talk, from our friend Mira Jacob), you also get fun surprises ranging from stickers and snacks to jewelry. And we love that in addition to the book, she’ll also get access to their private online discussion group to help connect her with other readers like her.


Subscription gifts for moms: Salt & Straw gourmet ice cream will satisfy her sweet tooth.

For a mom who loves her dessert: Salt & Straw Ice Cream Subscription
(From $195 for a 3-month subscription, Salt & Straw)

If she has a sweet tooth, then a monthly gourmet ice cream subscription box for Mom from Salt & Straw will make her really happy for months. And a happy mom is a good thing, right? You can choose to send her just their bestselling flavors, or be more adventurous with a “surprise me” option, depending on her palate. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you break it down by serving and factor in the need never to run out to the store for ice cream again, it’s totally worth it.

Other ice cream subscriptions we love from wonderful small makers: eCreamery, which was also featured among our 20 of our favorite self-care gifts for moms in 2020, and Jeni’s Splendid, which never disappoints.


Subscription gift ideas for moms: Birchbox beauty boxes are luxe yet affordable.

For the mom loves all the free samples at the beauty counter: Birchbox Beauty Subscription Box
(From $13, Birchbox)

Birchbox subscription boxes remain hugely popular after 10 years, and for good reason; you can stick to an entire category like makeup, skin care, or hair care and get so many exciting products to discover. They even offer a clean beauty option, if she’s conscientious about ingredients. You get a lot of variety in each box — as many as 8 or 9 products — making this subscription box feel like a total splurge subscription gift for a mom, without being one at all.

Subscription gifts for moms: Glossybox is for the makeup-loving mom who wants to keep the options simple.

For a mom who really wants to pamper herself: A Glossybox Beauty Subscription Box
(From $58.50 for 3 months, Glossybox)

Whether you’re shopping for the best subscription box for a mom who always applies lipstick before Zoom calls, or one who can’t figure out where she left her makeup bag before the quarantine, a new Glossybox in the mail each month might offer a much-needed pick-me-up.The chic box is filled with high-end beauty products inside, at a crazy-affordable price for what you get. Glossybox offers fewer customizations than Birchbox, but that makes it perfect for the mom who is just happy to try everything.


Subscription gifts for moms: YogaClub for the mom who lives in yoga pants

For the mom who lives in her yoga pants: YogaClub
(From $45/month, YogaClub)

YogaClub is basically StitchFix for activewear, and these days, activewear is all I wear. Each box is personally curated for you by a stylist, and the items are guaranteed to be priced at least 50% less than retail. If you don’t like them, you can trade them for something you do. So if mom is serious about getting her daily savasanas,  in or just prefers comfy but stylish clothes while she’s managing life at home, this is a great subscription gift that she’ll actually use.


Subscription gifts for moms: Bar & Cocoa gourmet chocolate for the chocoholic with discerning taste.

For the chocoholic mom with refined taste: Bar & Cocoa subscription box 
(From $129 for 3 months, Bar & Cocoa)

Each month she’ll get four full-size dark chocolate bars from different origins around the globe. This is high-end chocolate from some of the world’s best chocolate makers, with very little added. In fact, most bars are just sugar and cocoa (sorry milk chocolate fans), but they may completely change how she views chocolate. If a drugstore box of assorted chocolates doesn’t cut it for her, this gourmet subscription box will.


Subscription gift ideas for moms: A Causebox subscription is the perfect gift for the socially conscious mom.

For a mom who always gives back: A Causebox subscription
(From $49.95 per season, Causebox)

If the mom in your life is spending these days juggling homeschooling, cooking 7,689 meals per week for the family, and still finds ways to give back to the community, then she’ll love Causebox. Every item in each subscription box, from handmade artisan jewelry to eco-friendly shopping bags, is meant to pamper her while also giving back in various ways.


Subscription gifts for moms: A monthly bottle of wine from Winc!

For the mom who’s missing girls night out: Winc Wine subscription box
(From $11/bottle, Winc)

We’ve been loving our Winc Wine subscription for the past month, ever since they were a CMP sponsor and a few of us went ahead and signed up! (Hey, we know a good thing when we see it.) You get specially curated wines each month based on her personalized flavor preferences — it’s easy to take the quiz even if you don’t know “jammy” from “oaky.” Whether she is picky about what she likes or is open to trying some new labels, this is a subscription box a lot of moms will really enjoy.


Subscription gifts for moms: French luxury goods from OuiPlease

For the mom who’d do anything for a trip to Paris right now: OuiPlease subscription box
(From $150, OuiPlease)

This box is pure French luxury in a gorgeously packaged subscription box for moms, filled with high-end, full-size items sent right to her door every other month. The gifts range from French clothing lines (including lingerie, ooh la la) to accessories, skincare and fragrance, and even gourmet food items like classic madelines or French honey.

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Subscription gifts for moms: The Conundrum Box mystery game at Cratejoy

For the mystery-reading, game-loving mom: The Conundrum Box
($25/month, Cratejoy)

For the mom who loves an hours-long board game or thinks a trip to an Escape Room is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the kids, this monthly mystery box gift will be so much fun. it’s part choose-your-own-adventure and part puzzle, with a storyline, clues, and a mystery to solve. The box even includes food and drink recommendations each month, so you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. That makes it fun whether it’s a date night with her SigOth or a fun family activity after dinner. No wonder it was voted “best new box” by Cratejoy last year.



Subscription gifts for moms: A new piece of handmade jewelry each month from Elephantine

For the mom who sparkles: Handmade Jewelry Subscription Box 
(From $85 for 3 boxes, Elephantine)

Treating the mom in your life to a new piece of artisan-made jewelry each month can a wonderful gift, and this subscription box from Elephantine on Etsy is a great chance to support a small business too. I love the simple, handcrafted pieces, and knowing I’d be getting a new one each month in the mail would be a surprise I’d definitely look forward to.


Subscription gifts for moms: Gourmet snacks each month from Mouth

For the mom who wants her own snack stash: Gourmet Snacks subscription box
($54/month for 12 months, with 3- and 6-months avail, Mouth)

Snacky food subscription boxes often get saved for Father’s Day, but let’s be honest: moms like to snack. A lot.  Especially on yummy small-batch gourmet treats, like artisan strawberry tarts and handcrafted rosemary & olive oil popcorn. We especially love the more sophisticated flavors that allow her to stash these on the top shelf of the pantry with a big JUST FOR MOM note stuck to them. Let the kids have the supermarket cookies.

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Subscription gift ideas for moms: Learn a new skill with the Stitch of the Month club from Dropcloth Samplers

For the crafty mom: Stitch of the Month embroidery subscription
($30 for 3 months, Dropcloth Samplers)

If she’s has totally taken up the maker life, baking sourdough bread and sewing face masks in her spare time, she may love picking up embroidery again, or trying it as a new hobby. This Stitch of the Month subscription gift is a great way to get started at a very nice price, and it’s a cool way to occupy her fingers while binging Outlander at night. Or you know, Ozark.


Subscription gifts for moms: Travel essentials and perks from Jetsetter Chic

For the mom who loves to travel…and will again ASAP: Jetsetter Chic travel subscription box
(From $40/month, Jetsetter Chic)

Whether she has to travel for work or jets out of town as often as possible for fun, this travel essentials subscription box is a great gift for the mom who’s always on the go. The box offers a great mix of luxury items that make travel more comfortable, like face masks and skin care items, plus practical gifts like uh, toilet seat covers. Best of all, everything included is TSA compliant.


Subscription gifts for moms: GlobeIn's unique fair-trade gifts from around the world

For the mom who is all about fair trade and economic justice: GlobeIn World Artisan Goods Subscription Box
(From $33/month, GlobeIn)

If the perfect gift for Mom is more likely found in the stalls of the local famer’s market than the aisles of your local big box store, then receiving unique handcrafted gifts each month in a subscription box from GlobeIn will be right up her alley. Every ethically-sourced item supports a micro business around the world, and GlobeIn even shares their payment structure with the artisans to help guarantee higher wages for work.  Plus, we love that she’ll gets to choose from a variety of boxes each month, so she knows she’ll actually get something she’ll love.

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Subscription gifts for moms: Get a new mom the pampering she needs with this gifts set from Cratejoy.

For the new mom or mom-to-be: Oh Baby Subscription Boxes
(From $35.99/mo, Cratejoy; use code OHBABY10 to save 10% for al limited time)

I feel so much for new moms right now who aren’t able to get the hands-on help many of us had with our own new babies. If you have a new mom in your family, or someone who’s expecting consider treating her to a subscription box for Mother’s Day that is all about her as a new mom, not about the baby. In other words: no bibs or bottles, thankyouverymuch. Love that each of these subscription boxes are curated around her due date, so she won’t be getting Preggy Pops once the baby is already here. (Though they are pretty good!)