Among the hottest Mother’s Day gifts in 2020: self-care gifts for moms. And grandmas, of course. This year, moms are working harder and longer than ever before, often juggling work, family obligations, household chores, and their own well-being. With no breaks. At all. Trust us, we know! So this Mother’s Day is a great chance to pamper Mom with some self-care gifts for Mother’s Day that help her slow down a little — whether she’s out doing heroic work as an essential worker, or sheltering in place for the long haul.

(Don’t worry dads, we know you need it too! Father’s Day is coming soon. hang tight.)

Browse this list of some of our team’s favorite self-care gifts for mom in 2020, from experiences that cost nothing (like a relaxing night alone, yes please) to some splurges if you want to go big.

What ever you choose, these Mother’s Day gifts all take care of her the way she’s always taken care of everyone else.

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Self-care gifts for moms: A beauty set from Aloisia Marie Beauty

Mom’s Time Out gift set (Aloisia Marie Beauty, $99)
There are so many covet-worthy gifts from this new brand blending Korean beauty principals and skincare science, but this gift box has special touches — like a silk pillowcase, chocolate, and the rose quartz facial roller that we all loooooove.


Self-care gifts for moms: Faux fur slippers for padding around the house, at Pottery Barn.

Faux fur slippers (Pottery Barn, $22.99)
If she’s going to be staying home all day, she might as well do it in style.


Self-care gifts for mom: Ice cream and cookies from eCreamery, with the promise that she doesn't have to share.

Mother’s Day ice cream collection (eCreamery, $60)
We cannot rave about their exquisite flavors enough. Coupled with the awww-worthy labels — and cookies! — it’s a winning self-care gift for moms and grandmas.


Self-care gifts for moms: An ultrasonic essential oils diffuser for serenity now!

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser (Nordstrom, $40)
Serenity now! Also, check out our favorite essential oils from Aura Cacia if you want to go bigger.

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Self-care gifts for moms: Artisanal Teas from Vahdam

Artisanal tea collection (Vahdam Teas, $25)
When relaxing at her favorite tea shop isn’t an option, bring these exquisite gourmet teas to her.



Self-care gifts for moms: A premium subscription to the Calm app

A premium subscription to the Calm app ($59.99 with free 30 day trial)
From soothing ambient music to guided breathing techniques and sleep stories for better nights, this favorite app of ours is a creative self-care gift for moms. Doesn’t even require gift wrap.


Balance and Tranquility Seed Grow Kit: Self-Care Mother's Day gifts for 2020

Balance and Tranquility Seed Growing Kit ($12, Uncommon Goods)
Gardening is self-care. Especially when it yields your own self-grown, natural stress relievers like lavender, peppermint and chamomlle. It even comes with recipes for teas, a DIY sage smudge stick and more.


Self-care gift for mom: A journal for her to rant, spill her guts, or just record history in the making.

Lisa Congdon “OK, Let’s Do This” Journal (Emily McDowell & Friends, $14)
A place for her to rant, spill her guts, make plans, track a new fitness routine, or just record these unprecedented times.


Self-care gifts for mom: Freedom from meal-planning, with a meal kit subscription.

Dinner meal kit subscription (various)
If Mom is the head chef at home, a great self-care gift is to give her a break from meal planning and grocery shopping by subscribing to one of our favorite meal kit delivery services.

Alternately: support local restaurants offering freezer dinners to go during the quarantine with a week’s worth of delivery,
or a couple a week for the next month (or longer, sigh).


Backslash smart yoga mat pairs with Alexa skills | Mother's Day self-care gifts

Backslash smart yoga mat ($89.99, Hearst Products)
It’s 4″ longer than standard mats, it stays put, and it pairs with Alexa yoga skills

5 stylish comfy robes for quarantine: PJ Salvage tie-dye robe

A stylish, comfy robe (This one $80, Nordstrom)
Check out this post with a few favorites, from cozy waffle-weaves to lightweight and comfy.
This one is stylish enough for those trips outside to take out the garbage these days (ha)


Self-care gifts for moms: A non-lecture-y parenting book for new moms | Mother Matters

A parenting book focused on self care (Amazon, $12)
A perfect self-care gift for a new mom who may be a little frazzled trying to figure out how to be a parent these days. Dayna Kurtz’s book is non-lectur-y, and we’re big fans.


Homemade eucalyptus shower scrub from Aura Cacia: Handmade mason jar spa gifts

A DIY Eucalyptus Shower Scrub
You can make this one with some basic ingredients, essential oils in her favorite scent, castile soap, and a mason jar.


Ketel One botanicals: Self-care gifts for Mother's Day 2020

Ketel One Botanical Vodka ($24.99/ea, Drizly)
If you can’t take her out for brunch cocktails, bring the sophisticated Mother’s Day brunch cocktails to her.
(They sent us some to try out and OMG. We’re in love with the subtle, beautifully blended flavors.)


Self care gifts for mom: Drunk Elephant's F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask

Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask (Sephora, $52)
If she normally buys drugstore products, splurge on a cult favorite, high end skin care gift for hydrated, radiant skin.
Perfect, considering she’s probably going make-up free these days.

Self-care gifts for mom: A custom meditation box by Jayne Riew at Uncommon Goods

Custom zen meditation box (Uncommon Goods, $80 or $125 with custom message)
This lovely custom self-care gift for Mom is so zen, and speaking as moms ourselves, we could all use some zen right now.


Self-care gifts for Mother's Day 2020: The amazing confetti cookies from Momofuku Milk Bar

Milk Bar Confetti Cookie Gift Tin (Momofuku Milk Bar, $20)
Why yes, cookies definitely count as self-care. Why do you ask?


Self-care gifts for moms: A luxury spa home with this calming bath kit at Shop Among the Flowers

Calming Waters Bath Kit Gift Box (Shop Among the Flowers, $70)
A full spa day may not be an option right now, but she can certainly lock the bathroom door, light some candles, and enjoy this luxury self-care Mother’s Day gift set.

Self-care gifts for mom: A night alone, with breakfast in bed the next morning.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

A night away…at home (free)
Camp out with the kids or shack up in their room, while you give mom the luxury of a whole night to herself to relax and recharge…with breakfast in bed the next morning. Pure indulgence.

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