We are so excited to relaunch our popular Baby Shower Gift Guide 2020, featuring all the best baby gifts of 2020 in every price range. Whoo! From sweet deals on baby gifts under $15 to luxury splurges the make us go, whoa, you’ll find the coolest ones here.

While we’ve always included a variety of shops, big and small, to make it easy for all kinds of generous people to find a baby gift they love at any budget, our longtime readers know our hearts have always been with small businesses. And they can really use a boost now, more than ever.

For going on 15 years now (whoa!) we’ve always put lots of time and energy into discovering brands specifically run by women, moms and dads, and People of Color (some of whom may be all of the above), with the hopes of introducing more of you to amazing gift ideas that you may not be seeing in mainstream media gift guides or in big department stores.

So it’s really exciting for us to see demand for that grow over the past few years, as more shoppers specifically check out who’s making and selling the gifts they buy.

We’re so honored to be the go-to resource for so many of you looking that very thing, and we hope we can continue to be for a long time.

So, welcome, baby gift shoppers! You’ve come to the right place!

The Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2020: The Complete Guide

The best baby gifts under $15
The best baby gifts under $30
The best baby gifts under $50
The best baby gifts $50 –  $150
The best luxury baby gifts + shower splurges

200 of the best baby shower gifts of 2020 in every price range | See more: CoolMomPicks.com


And hey, we want to give a huge thanks to our sponsor of this year’s guide, the Whystle App. This product recall and safety warning app is a fantastic resource for new parents. And seasoned parents too, for that matter. Just download the iOS App (Android coming soon) and you can track the brands you use — from children to pets, food, medicine and household items — and even get automatic alerts should the products you own be recalled, an allergy alert be issued for a product in your pantry, and more. Very smart. 

With that, we invite you to check out our entire 2020 Baby Shower Gift Guide right here. Let’s shower all those new babies and all those new parents with all the love in the world.

Please note there’s been no compensation to include any gifts in our guide at all.
It’s just the stuff we love from brands we love, all carefully hand-selected by our editorial team.