On our special Father’s Day edition of our Spawned podcast, we wanted to figure out how we can get a little more credit for being the fun parent from a dad who is peak fun. We’re talking about magician and dad Justin Willman, who’s also the creator and host of one of our favorite Netflix shows, Magic for Humans. On this episode of Spawned, we chat with him about being the fun dad, and he shares a few tips, and actual magic tricks (plus some other great ideas) that can help you up your fun mom quotient.

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Along with learning some actual magic tricks, along with chatting about gender stereotypes, and thoughts on how our screens might be interfering with us being more fun with our kids, Justin talks about the 3rd season of his popular Netflix show Magic for Humans, and his Social Distancing Magician Starter Kits for kids, with 100% of the proceeds going to DirectRelief.org.

Social Distancing Magician Starter Kits from Justin Willman

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